Who is Nimbus?

There doesn’t seem to be much info on their website other than “Made by Unicyclists for Unicyclists”.

So I guess they ride Unis…

Are they really Unicyclists? Or a faceless corporation raking in the ca$h! Perhaps Ive stumbled upon the Unicycling Illuminati…


Do you know Harry Potter ? Do you know Roger Davies from Harry Potter ? So, Nimbus is the brand of UDC because, Nimbus unicycles are designed by our Roger Davies …

well that’s good to hear. I’m always promoting Nimbus to my friends etc but I couldn’t find that info anywhere. At least I know Im promoting a good company now :slight_smile:

Benjo which rider from Sydney are you? Do you ride with any clubs?

Is this actually the reason why the called the unicycle nimbus or just a happy coincidence?

Nah, I don’t think there are any out my way (Hornsby). Went to a couple of Hockey games in Newtown but generally just annoy my wife with hockey in the house … that and destroying the house with my poor trials skills.

it’s the reason, it sounds better than unicycle.com and better as well for unicycles shop out of UDC shops as it is also the name of compitors shops !

I am probably showing my age with this question but I’ll ask anyway
Is there a connection between Harry Potter and the name Nimbus?

Indeed. Nimbus 2000 | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom

I get a comment every now and then on it. People think they’re related in some way. I always thought of Dragonball myself. : )



I was going to make a comment… but I will just say “hello” :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you… and sorry for calling you a faceless corporation :o

When unicyclists come to visit and ride out here (Sacramento area), they are delighted by the Nimbus Winery (now a shopping center) and Nimbus Dam along the American River. This is where we used to always park to ride around Lake Natoma on the American River Bike Trail.

Now I wish there were someone who could answer if I posted a thread about Foss tubes, and where they got that name? Only think I’ve found out is that their office is in Taiwan and they really do seem faceless…

The North Shore unicycle club meet up in Hornsby every Thursday night you should check them out.