Who can doubleflip?

Probably because double flips are really hard and noone has really heard of that guy. We usually tend to know about people that are really good. I believe him though, what good does it do to lie about what you can do on a unicycle to strangers on the internet?

hmm, yes, good point. but I’m sure theres some great unicyclists out there who don’t post on here.

i’v never seen KH on the forums.

I have. His name is Danger_uni.

oh shizzle… thought he ment 16 stairs… I take that back…

chuck can do a triple flip. well ok but he can ride.

Shaun can do a triple flip.

can he now? lets see a video.


i remember what you did to me last time… not clicking.

If I am ever that good I will be in a constant state of crapping my pants.

Its a real link this time.