Who can doubleflip?

I’ve been out of riding for awhile and i’m wondering if anyone else has done this wonderful trick on flat. That’s basically all for this thread.
-Shaun Johanneson

i can quadruple flip!

just kidding i actually cant even flip yet. but will learn soon when my new shin gaurds come

i thought you were the first and only one to dpuble and triple flip?

hey shaun,

i know the question was who can double flip but im “close” to landing it off a curbs on the 24.


is a double flip a crankflip with 2 revolutions?

I can 1 flip and a half of a curb sometimes :frowning:

yes. also, i can’t even get a 1/2 crank flip so i’m totally out. everytime i try to learn how i land on my junk and give up.

i am going to learn as soon as my back gets better, but then u better watch out…
just kidding, but not really:D

I actually have never tried. Do you have any tips other than push harder? I did a 1.5 flip off a ledge on accident once…but I crashed.

I can do a “normal” crankflip with about 11 inches of air so maybe i try a double flip some day. :slight_smile:

pshhh…i can. on a trampoline. shaun youre much better than me. i cant crankflip at all. never attempted. hope i learn it

I been riding much lately, but I was at the point where i could land it one footed.

I was playing around today on a 16 in. learner, and I landed one. Pretty sloppy though.

A double flip or normal one?

Double. I’ve been trying to land it since I learned regular ones a couple months ago.

wow, nice! film it.

scratches head. doesnt fully believe, demands video

are you ppl stupid ? this guy if full of shit… no one ever even hoped a 16 on a uni…

seems like a crankflip would be easier on a smaller unicycle though, wouldn’t it?
because the wheel doesn’t need to spin as fast.

Its lighter and would be easier to get to spin fast. Also the really short cranks might add to that.

exactly…so I don’t see why they don’t believe him.