who can 540 unispin ?

Hi everyone I was just wondering who can 540 unispin ? I cant ride outside so I been going a tunispins and got the 3’s back and Im almost at the 540’s… when I land it I will make a little video :smiley:

im getting really close to mine. i can get the spin and hit the pedals sometimes. im hoping to get it in the next week or so (probably sooner depending how hard i work at it).

Ill film mine too, but i probably wait to put it in my video im working on now.

I want to learn one day, right now my only working uni is my 24" and I think that 540s might be a little harder on that. I might try to rummage together enough parts to make my freestyle uni work then I’ll give it a try.

dang im not even consistent with 360’s. in fact i still haven’t posted a vid of me landing one. i tried but my friends camera is ‘broke’ so i cant. but yea, i dont know if ill ever get 540s. i think if you went to 450’s first it would make things easier.

I can do 360s but how do u spin it to a 540. I cant spin it that fast.

never tried… i will try on wednesday.

I can. lol

how suprising shaun !

I can.


yeah, i can

I can do them with my eyes closed

Hmm, North Dakota…are you Keaton?

haha, you’re pretty clever and sexy…

hellz yes this is keaton!

ohh wait…I mean Johnny Cash

ahh that’s why… it’s uni-spin master… hahaha men u spin sooo nice

I’m flattered by your genuine fashion

haha nice

do you realize that we’re talking via forum thread?

Master eh?.. i think i need to see a video of a 900 uni-spin then :wink:

yea I do… but w/e not like they ognna kill us… I was actually just wondering… can u 720 ?

whoa dawg!

I never said I was the master

I may be very gnarly and suave, but I never said I was da masta