Which uni is for me?

Hey, I’m a beginner looking to learn how to unicycle. I’m not really sure what to buy. I know I’m going to need a 24" wheel and 300mm seat post (but I can cut that, if I need to). I would like a unicycle seat that is comfortable for distance, because after I learn I’ll most likely be using it for travelling to and from school. I also can’t spend too much money, $300 is probably the most I’m willing to expend at the moment. I was looking at the Numbus II and the Torker CX or LX, but I think I’d like to get some suggestions from people who know better than I do.

Any suggestions?


nimbus 2.

no matter what, dont get the CX.

CX unis are crap.

Haha, quick reply and straight answers. :smiley: Alright. Nimbus it is.

i’ve got a nimbus II 24" and i’m loving it.

oh yea, welcome to the forums!!!

nimbus just is better overall for not alot more money, it has a nice bouncy grippy tire, a comfy saddle, strong parts, and looks very nice.

Thank you! :smiley: Alright, I’m convinced. I’ve got 121 saved for it right now, so I’ve only got a little further to go to get it. I’ll probably order it in a few weeks. Thanks for the assistance.

I have the 24" LX and I really like it plus I got it for less then $100

the LX has an unconfortable seat, and firisfirefly will be using it to travel to and from school, so I’m guessing comfort is an issue.

you can always add a KH seat and upgrade to 26" if he wanted that

The nimbus is the better deal, get that.

adding a KH seat plus a seatpost would equal the cost of the nimbus 2…

Exactly, plus there’s the hassle of having to cut the seat post. If I can avoid it, I would really like to. :slight_smile: Thank you all for the input, though.

can’t you get a torker dx 24" off of e-bay for under 300 because if you can it would be good because of the splined hub

I considered the DX, but I decided that I don’t really need it as of right now. I’d rather avoid ebay, because I don’t want my first Uni to be used. Also, I would have to cut the seat post as well, which is a hassle I’d like to avoid. I would like a DX, but I’m just not willing to expend so much on a Uni I’ll be using for learning mostly. I might get one in the future, though there will probably be better models by then.

the. The ones off ebay aren’t used but I just thought i would give you that option. if you got it now you wouldn’t have to get one later and you could go on muni rides and do stuff with out worrying about breaking the crank/hub. you could get a cheap uni and if you like unicycling get something better

Well, I was going to get something that would be good for travelling from school because I’m almost positive that’s what I’ll use it for when I learn. I’m doubtful I’ll do many muni rides, honestly. I’d rather get a DX later if I feel I need it.

theres a dx on ebay right now for 219… link

How comfortable are DX seats? Would I have to replace it?

DX seat, I find to be very comfy. I ended up cutting the foam down though for a better SIF grip.