Which ankle guards are the best for crank knocks?

It is really hard to evaluate the different ankle braces because people want them for such myriad reasons and purposes. My purpose is that my ankle gets torn up - every day. My left ankle is over twice as large as my right, in fact possibly 3x, hence, I knock it even MORE. Flexibility is important, good ankle protection, and cool-looking never hurts.


Some talk about ankle guards in a thread here.

If the only problem is that you keep skinning your ankle on the cranks, just wear high-tops. I have always had this problem and I find that wearing a high-top basketball shoe really helps.

You can also get some pedal spacers that will move your feet out a little. They are about $45 though. You might also want to look for some cranks with a bit more Q factor but high tops with some ankle padding will stop your injuries in the near term.


I use this one: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/10/products_id/445 And I realy like them.

I went ahead with mcdavids laces+straps. excellent reviews…
Thanks, guys.

I have the same problem, my ankle gets torn up all the time. I’m looking for an ankle brace that can provide good ankle protection at all times, something that can balance me and not create anymore damage to my ankle anymore. Were you able to find something that you think worked well for you? If so please let me know I really want to find a solution.

Ankle protection

This discussion is very helpful. I’m just starting out and my left ankle is taking a beating, especially the achilles tendon and above. I think I’ll try high-tops. I need better shoes for riding anyway.

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As I showed in this post you can try MTB shoes with ankle guards - very good ones.

I ended up getting these Converse “Athletic Workboots”. Love them!! When I fall less, those MTBs look awesome. On the other hand, I find the more confident I get the more I’m willing to try, so in a year or two I’ll be falling a lot because I’m trying harder stuff. LOL. Then I’ll get the MTBs, ankle and shin guards!!

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