Where to buy

Hi Guys,
What’s Unicycle.com like to buy from ? Thanks

They’ve been nothing but brilliant with the couple of purchases I’ve made - very helpful on the phone when I needed sizing advice for the gloves.

They own/make Nimbus and are a small team of passionate unicyclists. You will never find another place selling unicycles and unicycle equipment with more passion behind it, except for maybe the trading post here.

They also have a lot of my money. :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Nimbus belongs to Unicycle.co.uk, not to .com

They’re both under the same company umbrella, aren’t they? And according to http://nimbusunicycles.com/, they are a “[q]uality unicycle brand produced and retailed by Unicycle.com.”

Tomayto tomahto though.

You can sometimes get better prices (and Qu-ax products, which Unicycle.com no longer carries) at Goudurix. Hayneedle or Bikewagon sometimes offer slightly better deals than UDC on unis of similar quality. Nimbus, in my experience, is a great brand, though.

UDC is an excellent source of information about anything related to unicycles. Their website has lots of technical info, and their employees are very helpful over the phone, though apparently Josh quit. UDC sold me a unicycle with a defective hub, and I had to really bother them before they agreed to honor their warranty and replace it. A number of other people on this forum reported the same problem, but I’m just telling you all the worst stuff. In general, I highly recommend Unicycle.com.

Josh quit? Whoa…

Ouch. :frowning:

I guess that explains the recent posts I’ve seen on Facebook where he pictures mountain bikes and talks about riding them…

another one of the faithful leaves the fold …

To pinch and reword a saying from online gaming…

“When a unicyclist quits to start mountain biking the coolness of both groups goes up”

Also try these, run by dedicated unicyclists.

http://www.goudurix.com/us/unicycles.html (already mentioned, but here’s the link)

I have no issues with Unicycle.com, but it’s nice to have options. I’ve ordered stuff from all of the above, and am happy to recommend them.

No he has not quit! He still works for Unicycle.com but now works from Schoolcraft in Michigan so he can be with his family. You will find he is still behind a lot of the email responses and all the Chats coming out of Unicycle.com (USA).


Not really… Nimbus is one of Unicycle.com’s house brands. It is managed jointly in the UK and USA.


Yaaaay, he’s a Gander! My brother went to Schoolcraft College. That’s in Livonia, MI where I grew up. Out here (Bay area) we have a unicyclist named Josh Schoolcraft. He’s a fearless and very skillful rider on scary terrain!