where is everone staying for cmw

My mom agreed to drive me up there friday night, I miss the friday ride but whatever. What I need to know is where is everone staying. I need a place to stay for four, and I know my family doesnt want to sleep on the floor. so where is a good place to stay where there will be other uni-ists. The best western by lyods house is booked.

I’m at the Hampton Inn.

Try Donner Ski Ranch Lodge, at 530 426 3635

According to local rider Scott Berelson, we get a discount as we will be part of the Bikes Beer and Bands event on Saturday. $100, and should include breakfast! Please let me know if you book this, in case others are looking to stay there. Please use my email address below.

I’m staying home. :frowning:

Is anyone staying at hte Henry Cowell campground place they recommended on the site?

i think i might be

im staying w/my uncle

“Motel Hell” :roll_eyes:

I am prolly staying at a resort down the street from the campgrounds, I have a membership out there. but I was thinkin cruisin into hte campgrounds during the non riding sections to hang with the peeps…but I dunno where everyone be chillin