where have you unied?

thats right… im wondering
what strangth places have YOU unicycled?>

Well, lets see… strange to me or strange to the public? I’ll do strange to me:

The fountains in battery park (in San Francisco), the formerly empty fountain in Justin Herman Plaza, inside city hall, inside the California State capital, Moab, a box-spring mattress on the sidewalk, in my school, on the roof of my house, into a pool, trials on/in a creek in Auburn in Sacramento, and a tree. That’s about it. Not many strange places will let you unicycle for multiple reasons.

all over burlington ont. canada
i like going in buildings but the rent-a-cops don’t like that.

ahh moab. i love moab. i went there the weekend after the big muni fest- i wish i could have gone to it but alas 1. i didnt know about it 2. i had school anyways.
i went during this years spring break with a friend of mine.
i woulda never thought that slickrock could be so fun to uni on!
and i confermed my believe that munis are better than mnt bs.
when i when down some stuff that i wouldnt do on a b

anyways. where did you go in moab? what trails?
do they do this muni fest every year?
if so to bad i cant go this next year. ill be in germany. but maybe the following!

I got there Friday afternoon, so Zack Baldwin and I immediately set out to do some trials at the campgrounds. I flatted my tire on the second or third gap of the weekend. I procceeded to use my muni for trials, probably takign a month or so off of it’s life-span in the process. I landed some stuff I didn’t think I could do on my muni. After trials we had dinner with Carl Hoyer, Kris Holm, Shannon, Nathan Hoover, Beau, Megumi, and many more (I’m not good with names). On Saturday morning we did games, and Saturday afternoon we did slickrock. i had ridden hard in the morning and i was riding Dan Heaton’s muni with the seat tooo high for me, so I had a really hard ride. I should’ve taken a hint when kris holm said to me “I’m reluctant to do anythign on this trail twice.” It was really tiring during the long climb, but everyone made it. On Sunday we did the Amassa Back trail. It was lots of fun, even with the occasional creek-without-a-bridge-that’s-too-deep-to-ride-through and 300’ drops into the Colorado river. I almost lost Dan Heaton’d titanuim muni into the colorado river about 10’ in front of him. He was cool about it, but i was much more careful for the rest of the ride.

That’s pretty much the weekend, although i’m sure I missed some stuff…

Yes, they do the Moab munifest every year. Last years’ was like the fourth one.

And something to add, one of the strangest places I’ve ever ridden was the jacob’s ladder descent into the valley on the Amassa Back trail. Only Ben Plotkin-Swing, Rolph Thompson, Joe Merrill, and I tried it. There were some crazy high-stakes moves on that. Lots of fun, though.

  • Observation deck (indoor) at the World Trade Center (1986).
  • On top of my house
  • On wet astroturf for a show
  • Riga State Circus (Latvia, 1990)
  • On a Henry Moore bronze sculpture (IJA Festival, Purchase, NY 1983)
  • On a trampoline (also at Purchase)
  • Up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong (1993)
  • 100 meter race on the Great Wall (China, 1993)
  • Tiananmen Square (rousted by cops in '93, but with a crowd of over 400 unicyclists in 2000)
  • In a supermarket, for their grand opening, paid
  • At Manhattanville College, during orientation, paid
  • Many of these places: http://www.unicycling.com/things/index.htm

There’s a few.

As a messenger delivering photos for the Associated Press during the summer of 1978, I once or twice unicycled across the newsroom of the New York Times.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

well probably in my school…before it was finished.and also in burger king. Or on my mini tramp or normal sized tramp. in my kitchen-living room. Jumped a 2-stair in a hotel hallway.And on the ROAD!!!lol

I’ve never really had the oppurtunity to ride in weird places but I have rode alot of places I shouldn’t have (I’m a street unicyclist).
i’m such a hooligan BWHAHHAHAH(not really I’m jsut a nerd that doesn’t obey the rules.)

I hve unied in my grams sawmill, a pickup bed, a rock sculrture, off of a 6’ high back porch, on a flatbed trailer, I have even tried little dirt jumps with it before. (suprisingly, with a rooll up hop, you can do it!) in a sandbox, across a dock, into the water, skitching a car (I got that from your website, john!!), what I really want to do though, is ride in a velodrome (again, from your website, john!) or maybe make a month trip to unicycle thru and around the Grand Canyon. I have been there before, and it has some nice stuff to ride.

lets see

when i was 6 i took a trip to nyc and unicycled in the Plaza Hotel (didn’t impress the guard too much, but i was too young to get mad at i guess). I also unicycled into St. Paul’s Cathedral during mass or something. Good times! ill never forget that. I dare any of you to unicycle in either of those places :slight_smile:


Just wondering what peoples status on riding on or around monuments/churches/ sacred sites are?
Where do you draw the line?,
(sorry about jacking the thread)

The first Moab Muni Fest was in 2000 and has been happening every year since. It happens during the Spring break for the Utah schools. Specifically, it happens during Spring break for Rolf Thompson’s kids.

The web site for the Moab Muni Fest is at moabmunifest.com. You can read a little bit about the history and about MMF 2004 at the Moab Muni Fest 2004 information page.

Check back at that web page next year near Spring Break time to find out the dates and plans for Moab Muni Fest 2005.

If you do make it to a Moab Muni Fest you may get an award for the person who traveled the farthest to get there. They’ve been giving an award for the farthest traveled every year so far. But you may not be the only person from Germany there’s no guarantees.

The only strange place I’ve unicycled is on the car deck of a Washington State Ferry while it was going from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. It was ferry run near midnight so the ferry was mostly empty. Lots of open space on the car deck and not many people around. Wheee! :slight_smile: That got me down for riding on (in) a moving vehicle in the Unicycle Fanatic Test.

A few from my travels:

Angkor Wat!
Across Cambodia/South Vietnam
Kathmandu- all over really. Unicycled around the Royal Palace and waved at the guards :stuck_out_tongue:
Part of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal
Around Reykjavik (not strange but had a recently screwed back together ankle so couldn’t ride down any Icelandic volcanoes as I had originally intended :()
Baldwin Street, New Zealand (The Worlds Steepest street)
Down the steps of Parliament: Wellington New Zealand
Around the hospital ward where I worked last year
The supermarket (all the time)


The strangest surface me & Luke ever road on was a layer of dumped apples in a field. Some rolled & some squished, it was great but sticky if you fell off.

They were dumped there by a local apple producer & importer, there were apples from all over the world.


Each Unicon I’ve been too has nvolved uning in a strage place!

Unicon 2000 - I rode my coker and my muni on beijing subway trains.

Unicon 2002- rode the 29er on the bainbridge island ferry. Also rode the 29er through a 2 mile long dark tunnel.

This year at Unicon 2004? who knows, looks like a roller hockey rink will hapen which willbe 1st for me, and I’m hoping to get to ride on the roof of the NYC on the roof top tennis court.