Where Can I buy Torker DX bearings?

I kinda busted up one of my bearings… And I need a new one for my torker DX, anyone know of anywhere I can buy some? Its still ridable for now. But I don’t know how long its ganna last.

During a ride last fall I got caught in a hail storm coming off the mountain and had a lot of dirt pack into the bearings on my Torker DX. I have dissassembled the bearings and repacked them since my search for a replacement has been unsuccessful.

If your experience is anything like mine it goes like this. You call the local bearing supply or bike store and give them the dimensions of the bearing and they make some silly comment that you don’t know how to read a pair of calipers since they don’t have anything in their books with those dimensions. You bring the bearing in and they are amazed that it actually exsists, and you spend the next half hour explaining that the bearing came off a unicycle and that it was damaged during a ride in the mountains.

I will be watching this post to see if there is a source for replacement Torker DX bearings, I could really use a set as well.

Good luck, sorry I could not be of more help.

I’d recommend a call to the Unicycle Factory:
(765) 452-2692

Tommy seems to have just about every part there is. If he doesn’t, he can probably point you in the right direction. Just be prepared for a long conversation…

yeah, i got the same reaction from some here when i made a thread about DX bearings being. 40x20mm

i have a plan for you DX guys if you are not worried about minor surgery… since the Bearing on a DX axle sits on a raized section of the axle, fileing it down slightly to fit the Profile inner bearing size of 19mm would be a piece of cake.

you can see the raized spot in my crappy pic, file each spline a little then see if it goes on. start small untill the bearing can be persuaded on, not slipped on.

order some 40x19mm bearing and set your DX free from the mystery bearings.


Mc Gyver! :sunglasses:

Has anyone tried contacting Torker Bicycles to see if they have replacement bearings in that magical size? There’s contact info on their web page.

They are going to have to carry replacement bearings because bearings are going to start wearing out and they are the only source for that odd size they decided to use.

I had to get new bearings 2 weeks after i got my dx.You have to order them special from a bearing store/wharehouse.They cost me $20 apeice.

Sounds like i’m in the same plight your in, what is the name of the barring wearhouse?