Where Can I buy Giraffe Wheel?

Where can I buy a giraffe wheel set online I have the frame but I destroyed my wheel.

Whole wheels may be hard to come by, and not cheap. They are made of ordinary bike parts, except for the hub. If your old hub is undamaged, it’s probably cheaper to get the wheel rebuilt. Your LBS (local bike shop) can do the job, and you’ll get to pick the tire and other parts.

If you don’t want to get involved in all that, you can look for used giraffes on eBay. Probably your second-best alternative. But if you work from your existing hub, you know the new wheel will fit…

The hub slips and bearing are messed up and the rim also is bent, so I don’t think a bike shop could do much could they? So there isn’t a website that just sells the wheels( I mean from what I’ve heard is that John Foss knows his stuff) Unicycle.com has replacement everything else but the wheel:(

Is the hub totally different to anything used on a bicycle - ie does it have the same axle fixings, and if so what is the spacing between the end nuts? Just wondering if something from a bike could be made to work…

You can use a track bike hub, just make sure it is the right width for the frame. I have a White Industries bolt up hub on my giraffe to prevent the sprocket from slipping.

It might be worth emailing unicycle.com to see if they have any spare wheels or at least a hub in stock.