When Did You Start?

What age did you start unicycling and why?

I was 15 (Nixon was running for re-election) There was a unicycle out in the garage and I thought no one was looking. Keeping the bell bottoms out of the cranks was a real pain.

I was 8 when I recieved it, my dad unicycle/ed and he gave me one, well bought one, and I tried it, then gave up for a while, thought it was stupid, well not stupid, just pointless, then my uncle came and rode backwards on one (as far as he has ever gotten) and I was amazed, so I learned, then I met this kid at my school who could hop, so I learned hopping in a day (6 1/2 hour day) And then backwards in a week, idleing in a day, and before I knew it I was caught up in it.

I was and still am 21, i got my first one at the end of March.
I got it coz i was after something different to do, now i cant live without my uni - if i couldnt experience the thrills of riding/learning a new skill i would have gone totally insane long ago:D

Started at 15. Currently 16 (17 on friday). I started because 2 of my friends were doing it. (this was slightly before we discovered defect and realized you could do tricks on these things) lol.

  1. 3 years ago
  1. I was 18 at the time when i bought my 1st cheapo 20" and loved it every moment. :smiley:
  2. What got me into the unicycling world was the fact that i kept riding my MTB and BMX on 1 wheel. So you can see why i started to unicycle. :smiley:

More replies in this thread. Getting a bit out of date now, but still pretty relevant.

I started riding on a 20" when I was 34, mostly just because I thought it would be a cool thing to try. Now I ride mainly cross-country style muni (26x3" or coker depending on which route I take). I use a unicycle for probably half my commuting (the rest is by bike - can’t give up my road bike, but never ride MTB anymore).


I started april of this year, my family and I went to see my sister for spring break, her friend had a unicycle, my brother (who knew how to ride) got on and started unicyling around a small part of campus, and I figured I wanted to learn. We had a unicycle at home, but I never bothered to try it until we got home, now I’m practicing 2-3 hours a day, can ride forwards, and barely hop(about 2 in a row, and thats it)

I started unicycling on the 14th of July last year. The day I finally got my uni through mail.

This year 14th of July is gonna be the last day of Fluck and I’m gonna be there. Nice way to celebrate an anniversary, eh?

I started two summers ago when I was 17 because I was into juggling/slacklining/balancing (both on things and things on me) and figured unicycling was a logical skill to pick up. It took over and since then I’ve pretty much abandoned juggling and everything else to focus on unicycling. Well, that and school.

Age 41, 3 yrs ago. Now my family owns 6 unis: a Radial 360, a KH29, a KH24, a cut-down Torker LX24, a Torker DX20, and a United 16".

Age 53, Christmas 2006.

After 3 months, rode Moab; Slickrock trail, Pritchett Canyon.

After 5 months, rode LBI Unithon (18 miles).

24" Nimbus muni
24" KH
20" KH
29" KH
36" Nimbus
20" BC

Age 39, two years ago.


I first rode a uni at college in 1964. I was 18. The oldest photo I have of me riding was taken at the National Sky Diving Championships in Marana, AZ in 1969. These two photos were taken nearly 40 years apart.

Last December, age 51

Age 45, 4 weeks ago.

A friend had a beat up 24 incher hanging from the rafters and said I could borrow it. I could ride an occasional 30 feet after 45 minutes. Second day I could consistently ride 30 feet, and an occasional 100 feet. Those two days were brutally hard compared to the third day when I decided to try adjusting the seat higher. Once I got the seat under my butt I could ride consistently 100 feet (after like 10-20 tries). Now I am hooked. I try to ride 45-60 minutes a day. Some days end up being 3 hours.

I joined Twin Cities Unicycle Club. There are some amazing riders there. Very patient people. I just got a Nimbus II 20, it is very cool.

Best of all, the wife says all this practice is making my abbs look hot! (for a mid-aged man)

As a cross training tool the unicycle rocks. It has really helped my hill climbing when I run.

like may 2005… ithink :roll_eyes: . my friend had one so i decided… wat the heck. i didnt no anything about the sport, trials and what not, untill like spring '06 so i upgraded unis and started to do some harder stuff.

wow, i just realized that this thread was brought from the dead.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

First time I ever (attempted to) ride one: July 2004 (18 yrs old)
First unicycle owned: October 2005 (19 yrs old)
Really got into it: November 2006 (20 yrs old)