Wheel Walking Off Saddle

A while back I saw these tricks in this book I have. I’ve never seen anyone wheel walk off saddle with saddle rearward or forward, either in person or on video. I’ve searched the Internet numerous times and cannot find anything on this. A friend of mine suggested those were theoretical tricks. I can do a regular wheel walk and have been practicing one-foot wheel walking a little bit, but this seems extreme. Has anyone done this before? It’s a trick I really want to do at some point and just seems like it would be extremely awesome.

You will see people do this one

during flatland routines, but (in my experience) you won’t see them walk forever like you might have seen George Peck walk forward (up a bridge!). You will see a quick flick or step as a transition into another trick @JackSebben_Unicyclist or to finish a trick. I’ll see if I can find a video. Someone may correct me, or provide more insight before I find the video.

But, the second one? This one?

Maybe there is a freestyle rider that has done it during competition, on video? @johnfoss may have insight into that one (as well as the first one I mentioned above).

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Took me way to long to find a video with it:


Seat-in-back version also has a nickname: Smiley Walk. That’s from Ryan Woessener, one of the first to perform it in USA/IUF Freestyle. He was called Smiley because he always had a smile!

I think the seat-in-front version is a little easier, as I’ve seen more people do it. That one is done backward.

At the time your book was published, I’m pretty sure Jack Wiley was theorizing those tricks, and probably had never seen someone do them. There’s a good chance the people who pioneered doing these tricks were inspired by those crude illustrations, as I was inspired by the original The Unicycle Book (1973) and later by the Complete Book Of Unicycling (~1984).


check out @augustagerskov.uni on instagram. he does a lot of smiley, wheelwalk and coast variations like the ones in that book

What book is that? And where could I find it?

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The Complete Book of Unicycling: Second Edition

I got it for my birthday 4 years ago. I found it here:

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