Wheel Walk Seat Wiggle

Hugging chain link for most of the lunch hour, putting in my dues practicing the Cassack. I noticed on my more successfull runs, my pilot side sadle padding tends to wiggle back and forth.

Q: Is pivoting/rotating (yaw, not pitch) the hips for balance critical for this skill?

Going slow definately is; my best efforts all came at a creeeep, a bit slower than… well, slow.


What the hell is Cassack?


I was told that having your arms straight out to the sides was critical for the side-to-side balance because you can’t apply uneven forces to the pedals when your feet aren’t on them. Go figure. My neighbor told me I looked like I was playing a bass fiddle while learning because those arms are getting thrown around alot and rarely stay in their outreached orientation. As for the twisting, I would guess that you are rotating in the seat to fit the saddle contour and trying to twist back to compensate. This is one skill where ALL of the weight is on the seat and you again can’t use forces on the pedals to compensate. Pull your pants down and have Lewis look to see if you are symmetrically constructed in the region where you meet the saddle. Lewis is an accommodating sort of fellow and I’m sure he’d be happy to help.

Actually Cossack, referring I think to the Russian folk dance of the ethnic group of the same name which, when animated, is similar to wheel walking.


I hate you. Uh … I mean, sure. :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for the Rhysling -> Human translation. Though I was pretty sure that by ‘Cassack’, Chris meant ‘Cossack’, I had no idea what he was talking about. Now I know. “Mundane in the membrane, mundane in the brain!”

I’m not too sure about helping him, however. If he mimics the Cossack dance, his arms should be akimbo, and he has pointy elbows.

As it happens, this afternoon, Chris will be joining me in the woods for some riding. I suppose we can include some time for taking down his pants as well.


Oh, no- He’s no help at all. Watch this: Hey Lewis, does this dress make me look fat?

Yes. It does.