Wheel Walk Challenge

I set myself a goal to learn the WW trick!
Never tried before, but I’m gonna start it tonight. My 10 yo son promised me that I’ll do it, becuase he believe in me… :smiley:
I’ve search the forum and one post seems to contain some good tips (thanks raybot):

Also I found nice YouTube tutorial (thanks Howtorideaunicycle):

I’ll post here every several days to share with you my progress…
Any of you that also want to learn / in the process of learning / know the WW, is welcome to share and bring his insight and comments.

Day 1: 2h 30m | Total: 02h 30m

Day 1

Hi, just finished my first WW session - Two and a half hours, on my 26" Qu-ax series Muni (is it harder?).
At start it feels very intimidating even just to mount or dismount, but after about 20 tries it’s getting better.

For now I’m practicing indoor, but I think in few days I’ll have to find more appropriate place outside :slight_smile:

Here is a short vid from today:

Can’t wait for my next session…

Ride on, ride on!

You’r doing great. Have to do some training, maybe i can upload a vid of my first “steps” wheelwalking.



Thanks Byc, I really appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile:
It should be nice to see your vid!

Hope to post soon…

Wheel Walk took me two years to learn! Looks like you are way ahead of where I was. Some things I eventually learned:

  • It's all about controling the wheel, slower is better at first.
  • Once you are off the wall forget straight lines for now. Go where you need to go to maintain balance.
  • The wheel should be farther forward than usual, looking over the front bumper you can just see the hub.
  • Similarly, "feel" where the balance point is. If you are always falling off forward the wheel is too far behind you.
  • Soft, flat shoes are very important. Regular running shoes are bad.
  • It's easier to learn on a high seat (think freestyle) than a low seat (think trials).
  • For most people the foot placement is heal - toe, heal -toe, etc.
  • Once you get it a whole new world of skills open up to you!

Hi blueharmony, I hope that with the good help and support here, I’ll do it in less than 2 years… :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your learning points - I’ll try to implement them in my next session.


Hey, great job so far! Keep after it. It is a rewarding trick once you get it. Everbody loves it. In fact my neighbors just the other day said, “So first no handlebars now no feet!”
Keeping your seat higher will definetly help on that big tire. If you have access to a 20" it will be a bit easier to learn.
Have fun!

Day 2: 1h 50m | Total: 04h 20m

Day 2


Thank you MP Uni for the tips, I also think that it is a rewarding trick. actually I have access to 20" (my son’s Muni…) I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Today is my second day, and it feels much better!!! I feel more relaxed on the saddle, focus on balance and take it slow (although I have tendency to get faster when I have no “wall support” anymore… :thinking: ).

Here is my vid for today. I don’t know if you’ll notice any improvement (few last seconds), unless you run it in slow motion ;):


Day off…

Today I met a good friend of mine, so I took day off, and left the WWC (WheelWalk Challenge… :)) hanging from my Ceiling :wink:

Anyway I need more place, I have to go out with my regular protective gear (helmet, shin guards, 5/10, gloves), to some kind of open space and start practicing with minimum support. Weekend is almost here, and I’m sure that I could find few suitable places for that, at my favorite park (Hayarkon, Tel-aviv) :slight_smile:
Till then, tomorrow will be probably still indoor, and I’ll post my last corridor vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun,


I’m also trying to learn wheel walking. After about 5 sessions along several days I can stay up for like 3 seconds without holding on to something. I may post a video soon. It’s cool to see your progress through the videos, keep posting.

Thanks ISBAX, it would be very interesting to see your vid - stick with it!

Good luck,


Making some of my own edits to Blueharmony’s great pointers:

  • It's all about controling the wheel, slower is better at first. Check!
  • Once you are off the wall forget straight lines for now. Go where you need to go to maintain balance. Yup!
  • The wheel should be farther forward than usual... Instead of thinking of it that way, think of sitting up straight. You may feel like your weight is too far back.
  • If you are always falling off forward the wheel is too far behind you. True. Same if you're always coming off to the back. If it's a little of both, you're on the right track.
  • Soft, flat shoes are very important? I much, much prefer a shoe with tread on it. Much better grip on the tire! We used to have "turf shoes" where the little knobbies ran up the toe and heel; like they were made for wheel walking.
  • It's easier to learn on a high seat. Definitely!
  • Foot placement will be toe, heel, toe, heel. Don't rush, don't crowd your feet, and always leave space between them on the tire! Otherwise you will always end up kicking a foot off when you get out into the open.
  • Don't underestimate the traction you have with your heels. You have much more control with your toe and heel than you do with the middle of your foot. Get used to this idea and you'll have much more room for your feet on the tire!

Hi johnfoss,
Thank you very much for Your edits (mine in blue):

Have fun,


UVcycle - you’re getting me psyched to try to learn WWing.

BUT!! I’m still not solid on one-foot riding yet. (I never practice skills, I just ride muni and distance.) Should I get the 1-foot riding down before I try WWing?

Hi steveyo,

I can’t ride one-footed either (yet… :o). Few months ago I gave it very short try, but left it (I could only take off my left feet from the pedal for 1/2 rev).

Personally I don’t think that there is dependence between the two tricks, but lets see, soon or later my WW Challenge will give us the answer :).

Thanks for your comment!

Have fun,

The 5.10 shoes have excellent, grippy rubber, so that’s a good choice. In your last video clip, your foot movement was similar to most WW beginners; feet crowding each other. Leave a good 3" or more between heel and toe. Learn the power of your heels to control the wheel way down the front.

No need; those skills are pretty unrelated. Both are useful core skills though.

Day 3: 2h 30m | Total: 06h 50m

Day 3


It’s my third day now with the WW, and I feel pretty good!
Maybe I don’t have it yet, but at least I felt it for a second - and it’s great :D:D:D

Thank you all for the comments and excellent tips, I’m really trying to combine them into my practicing.

With your permission johnfoss, I’ll make it my new mantra :slight_smile:

Well here is my vid for day 3:

Tomorrow will be my first outdoor practice, very curious about it…

Have fun,

I’ve never even thought of trying riding one-footed, it sounds really hard jaja.

Here’s a video, I think I had a couple better tries after, but this is pretty much where I am right now. I hope we both learn soon. :sunglasses:


NOTE* The following has absolutely nothing to do with wheel walking:
Everything in www.unicyclist.com suddenly changed to what looks like german, I can’t understand the text in the buttons or menus. Anyone knows how I can fix this? :thinking: THANKS.

Good job ISBAX, I didn’t try yet starting the trick from leaning back the wall (instead of riding along the wall, like I do), do you find it easier that way?

About the German interface of the site, you can roll (any page) all the way down and you׳ll find drop-down box (second from left), where you can select English.

Keep practicing and posting about your progress.

Have fun,

YES! Thanks! It’s in english now, wow.

What I actually do is grab something with one hand and then let go, I mean, I’m not really starting from a wall, it may seem that way in the video though.

I think it’s a bit harder, actually, I’ve also been trying to let go and advance without support, but next to a wall, so if I’m losing control I just touch it to regain balance and let go again. I think that’s helpful, tell me how it goes, I’ll try to go longer tomorrow. :slight_smile: