Whats up with this new product?

On the home page, there is an article about a new product on UDC that claims to protect pedals. Heres a link https://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=923
What do you think? I dont think they will do much.

Theres been a few thread and posts about these, lots of people have tried them, and they do work, I might buy a set soon, cause I ride a lot inside of school and other areas that can get scrapped up by metal pedals, so these will save the floors and my pedals.

i dont have one… but i think they work
and i want one

I have some, they are nice.

The name is kind of off by calling them ‘Pedal protectors’ but calling them ‘Protectors of everything the ends of your pedals touch’ wouldn’t fit

They were selling a lot of those at Moab. You can’t put on odesssey JCs though(without drilling the pedals).

they’re nice. I have a set on my muni, and it’s saved my pedals from dings and weaR many a time. They’re a good investment.

I love those kinds of reviews.

I recently noticed them, and was thinking of ordering some except I don’t know what kinds of pedals I have. You have to get the right ones to match the holes in the ends of your pedals. But these things will do three things:

  1. Protect pedals from some bashing; if not anything else, keeping them looking good. As long as they stay on the pedals.

  2. Protect the ground, floor, car, neighboring unicycles in the car, shins, etc. from scratches or other damage by pedals

  3. Be an accessory you can use to add color to your unicycle.

Some will buy them just for the color, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I did the same with colored valve caps for years. I think their main benefit by far will be protecting other things from your pedals, though I guess that depends on your type of riding.

There is also a fourth benefit. Apparently the maker of these protectors is introducing them through Unicycle.com as its first major point of distribution. It stands a chance of attracting lots of BMX or other non-unicycling cyclists to UDC, and some will become converts. I think it’s a great idea for that fact alone.