what's going on duck?

old random crud

I liked that! awesome bmx, uni and spots. I liked the hand/ foot plant stuff a lot!


Very nice, I liked it, bit different from most the videoes out these days. Keep it up.

good video

whats that trick at 39 sec?

What makes you think it has a name? lol

Good vid as always. That hand-plant was funky. I might have to steal it.

maybe not an offical name but a self named trick

good stuff man, glad to see your still at it.

i don’t have a name for it, so you can feel free to come up with one

Its not even a trick. You don’t even do tricks; you just step on and off a lot.

Whatever gets credit I guess…

no but i do turn tricks, and that gets me paid.

I’m surprised anyone would pay you. I would pay you to make me a sandwich but not for unicycling.

People giving credit for foot plants is whack. If you were a new rider, I wouldn’t mind, but you have been doing this for about as long as I have, and your videos are consistently terrible.

Hope that helps.


I bet you there are plenty of lines I’ve seen in his videos that you wouldn’t be able to do. 540’s, 360+rev, and he’s just good at spins. Looks to me like he’s riding to have fun and I really enjoy his videos because they’re different but still has some difficult tricks.

As far as a 540, I could land that in a couple tries, easily. I’ll be sure to put it in a video. And revs aren’t meaningful enough for me to do; I prefer to actually flip the cranks.

i don’t really care what tricks i do that you can also do, i do tricks that i think are fun i don’t do them to get credit. as for revs they’re the best.

on a related note cawkaaaa

who really cares. I mean you look like you’re having more fun than a lot of people. Ride how you like to ride, for fun, and its cool to watch something “differentish” from all the other vids.

Good excuse for not being able to do a 360 rev…they’re pointless that’s all
do a 360 crankflip in your next vid then

Cool vid, the 360 off that wall would have been awesome if landed. It looks like you have quite of few guys to ride with, the kid that I ride with in all my videos, hes kind of givin up on bmx, so I’m stuck riding alone. Your friends did some cool lines that I haven’t seen in alot of bmx videos.

A 360 rev is not equivalent to a 360 flip, despite what you think. It’s like comparing a glide to a coast. And I don’t ever ever ride, but I could land a 360 flip without too much practice too, so I find it funny that you throw it out there as if it would be a challenge.

Well, you’ve got me there. You’ve never done either tricks, but easily could. You don’t even ride anymore. At least this guy is still out having fun riding. Apparently he doesn’t care how good he is. You have fun by learning different tricks than he learns. Just because he has fun a different way doesn’t give you the right to come on and tell him his videos suck because you are so much better than him.
I still want to see your video w/ a 540 and 360 flip though.