what's going on duck?

Awww, you will sweetie, don’t worry.

Man JP, you seem like a wank.

Sweet vid Anthony, I always liked your riding.

a 360 rev is harder, imo, then a 360 with a crank flip…

ive done both, so you basically have no opinion, so leave my boy alone

Who landed 540 flips? when was this?

I was saying that it was harder…

I was saying a flip w/ it

Haha I meant a 540 spin, and a 360 flip

dibbles for the win.
i like his vids better then anybody else’s cuz they’re so chill and sexy looking.

everything else that people do is flashy show-off and boring to watch.
anthony keeps the “fun” aspect in unicycling.

I definitely agree. Even without the spin, a crankflip is easier than a rev in my opinion.

I’m honestly not trying to be hateful, I’m just giving my opinion on something. Everyone does it, but when I do it I’m a “wank”.

You seem proud of the fact that you have done them, seeing as you felt the need to mention you could do them. I thought that was cute, so it made me smile real big when I read your post.

It isn’t true to say I have no opinion though. I can do a lot of tricks that you can’t do, so that gives me the right to judge just as much as you. And honestly dude, you probably think some riding is bad that I think is good, and it doesn’t bother me at all. It is people’s right to hate or love things.

360 rev and 360 flip… Depends which one you do more… 360 revs can feel really weird when trying them, but they get easier. 360 flips arnt so much the same but I landed them waaaay before 360 revs. 360 flips are hard to get clean, so people like me just do 360 lateflips.

In conclusion, 360 revs are harder then 360 lateflips lol.

great video, the bmx was really cool but I think there was too much bmx and not enough unicycleing, but other than that it was a great video.