What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury?

Hey there Douglas,

Thanks for watching I’ll be hitting the streets again real soon.

Sorry to hear that yeah we for sure have to be careful with shoes that have laces… Keep riding and be safe.

Putting unnecessary sharp spiky things or jagged surfaces on sports equipment is just one of those things that common sense should prevent. A saw blade disc makes about as much sense as dagger tips for your bar ends or winding barbed wire through your spokes.


Saw blade disc “might” look cool to a few, but its an idiotic consumer product. Working in mfg I can only guess that some salesman had a “bright idea” to “re-use” an existing saw blade cutting tool for making unicycle disk brakes. Also, the sharp corners and points are stress concentration points = would break very easily. Nice product QU-ACK. You hurt people.