Measuring Hill Incline

Thanks JimT,
That app, Bubble Level (spirit level) is perfect.

Now i know that my limit of hill climbing with the KH36 with 127mm cranks is 17.26% grade.
The local street I’m trying to acsend has a 3 meter (10 foot) section that currently eludes me due to grade. I have been attempting it a couple of times a week.

To measure average percent grade over longer distances there are a couple options:

Acquire the elevation above sea level of the start (S) and end (E) points using either an app (My Elevation is one of many) or a calibrated barometric altimeter. Measure the distance on the road (D). Then do some math:
V = E - S
V / SQRT(D*D - V*V)
Multiply that by 100 to get percent grade.

Another method is to get a GPS track of the route. Use GPS Visualizer to make a profile of the track. Be sure to select for “Add DEM elevation data” the option “best available source”.

Note that elevation values from raw GPS itself are notoriously bad.

Or, use a Klaas Bil inclinometer..