What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury?

Just curious how badly you guys have been injured riding.
I dislocated a knee cap, and while first learning backwards 1 footed without a shirt, my shoelace got caught in the pedals and I slid backwards on my back about a foot and got some real bad road rash.

I broke every bone in my body and couldn’t ride for a whole week! :roll_eyes:

Sorry a mean sprained my ankle

I broke my foot (first metatarsal) riding my KH36 guni. It was 3 months ago and I won’t be able to ride for at least 3 more months. I had surgery to have 3 screws inserted in my foot - now I am waiting to have them removed. Once they are removed I will have to wait for the bone to grow over the holes before I can ride again. Needless to say the boredom is killing me.

WOW This should really encourage the learners amongst us.

Including me. :astonished:

Sprained my foot practicing a circus act. Took a couple weeks to heal.

Broke my pinkie finger in 1983 when I was first learning to ride. It still hurts tremendously when I move it the wrong way, even today. A reminder of my earning the skill.

Broke off heel spur in my foot during a UPD, was in a cam-walker boot for 3 months though I was still able to ride on easier terrain but no running during that time. I’ve also bruised ribs, suffered numerous lacerations, etc…

Six finger fractures from four seperate falls, stilll able to ride, taped the fingers together and switched grab hands until they healed.

I got some crooked and stiff hands these days.

I have broken fingers and dislocaed sholder and a few sprained ankles.

Avulsion fracture (when muscle tears off chip of bone) trying to run out UPD off geared 36er at speed. All the pads in the world (I wear all the gear all the time) won’t help when you plant your foot at 12-15 mph. Took 4-6 weeks but healed as good as new.

slipped disk, torn muscles, couple infections, fractured fingers, chronic inflammation in one ankle, heel spur and too many sprains to list. Nothing too bad so far

The worst I’ve had to this point is extensive road rash. From one fall, I had road rash on the back of my neck, the back of my shoulders, elbows, knees, right ankle, and my lower back.
Showers sucked.

I’ve had some weird landings off of UPDs before that really should have been more serious (and I thought they would be) because they were debilitating for the first day or so, but within a week they were painless. I’m not willing to call those injuries.

I have scars from pedal bites acquired while learning to free mount.

I have scars from pedal bites acquired while learning to free mount but not much from the three years since.

Faceplant with broken collar bone when my shoelace wrapped up at about 15 mph on Coker. Not exactly face, but hands and mostly right knee and shoulder. Make sure your laces are not loose when riding!

Dude, really there are a lot more bones in your body than you think. :smiley:

Guess you’re going to have to go back to skateboarding. Uh, I mean sky-diving. No, hockey. Okay, what was it you were doing before? Couch surfing? :slight_smile:

Before the collar bone, probably my worst unicycling-related injury came from running down the street really fast, pushing my 6’ giraffe in front of me. It started oscillating, then suddenly jumped in the air and got sideways, tripping me. I landed on top of it and scraped to a stop, taking skin off various parts of my body.

Plus I was alone, and eventually ended up riding most of the 3 miles home.

The bad part comes once you get a little age on you :roll_eyes:

About the only thing that bothers me from breaking fingers is long days at a keyboard or having to do a lot of script writing. One of my fingers will no longer go straight on it’s own, but it hardly affects my balance at all :wink:

But like John wrote, if you weren’t getting hurt doing uni, you’d probably be getting hurt doing something else.

All of my big injuries were from MVA’s, cycling, skiing, and kayaking. It’s the chronic pain that bothers me most, like a sore back/neck, sore shoulders/wrists, just aches and pains from leading an active life.

I’m hopefull that someone will discover a treatment that makes nerve pain go away, otherwise I’m afraid my back is really going to be a problem in a couple decades…

I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had a couple very minor sprained ankles and a fall onto a cattle gate that gave me a mildly sprained wrist but I did have one fall when I was learning to use my handle bar on my big wheel. I rolled 4-5 times in the middle of a 55 MPH street with a van passing by 30 seconds after I cleared the road. I also wear knee/shin pads and a helmet (and occasionally elbow pads). The knee/shin pads in particular have saved me at least half a dozen times from serious injury.

I dislocated my shoulder on a “drop to faceplant” in a quarter pipe. I rode with a dislocated shoulder for over a year and I got a surgery, everything is goos with it now! I also sprained my ankle on the DH trail at the last Unicon. During a practice run. Nothing else, I consider myself pretty lucky :slight_smile:

My body is going to hate me 10 years from now. I already feel like Im an old fart :stuck_out_tongue: