What Unicycle for Heavy Load?

First off, I’m a newbie. My wife and I want to start using unicycles. She’s had that “dream” of having one since she was a little child. She picked up one from a drift store. It’s in very good condition. I’m not certain of the brand, but it matches the description of one for sale on Amazon.com. It has listed a maximum weight allowance of 150 LBs.

I’m currently 230 LB, so I don’t think that I should try to ride the one she purchased. Can anyone recommend one for my weight? I have only looked at ones on Amazon, and very few list maximum weight allowances.

I did find this one (United 24-inch Trainer for EXTRA LARGE Adults
Price: $258.00) at UnicycleSource.com. Are there any other more economical options?

Apologies for the newbie post.

have a look around unicycle.com there should be something that’ll do you fine :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link. The unicycle that I listed was found there (unicyclesource.com same as unicycle.com). There are lots of other unicycles there, but I haven’t seen any that mention weight limits.

I would guess that those made for tricks should be able to withstand a heavier load, but mainly seeing if anyone had more information.

The best starter unicycle for a larger person would be the Nimbus II with ISIS hub. That United unicycle is based on old technology and won’t be significantly stronger than a cheap Torker.

I’m 220lb, and to be honest any unicycle of reasonable quality will be fine for riding around on. Unicycles which are described as splined or ISIS have a stronger connection between the cranks and hub, and would be completely indestructible on the flat, as they are designed for going offroad or doing big hops and drops. The nimbus II with ISIS as mentioned above is a good example of a nice and solid learner uni, I use one for hockey.

tholub & kington99, thank you. That’s exactly the kind of information I needed. I’ll look at the various models and try to make a good, informed decision. And tholub, thanks for the headsup on the United. Good bit of information for me to know.

kington99, thanks for the weight. Makes me feel a little more confident on finding what I might like in both style and price.

My wife has visions of me taking our baby on the unicycle to my parents’ house, but I’m going to hold off on that for awhile… I want to actually be able to ride well enough first.

The one you got should be fine for learning, doing some non-hopping tricks and road riding, but at your weight it may not survive hopping or riding off curbs.

Cotterless cranks can fatigue and break from just riding up lots of hills and riding off curbs. ISIS is the future. If you get any of the Nimbus’, the stock cranks aren’t super strong, so you may want to upgrade to the KH ones. If you want to get into Muni, the 24" Nimbus II will only fit up to a 2.6" knobby, so you may want to get one that’ll fit a 3".

I’d suggest both of you learn on the one you have, and avoid hopping and riding off curbs and save up for a really good uni. Watch some vids to see what style interests you and then get the appropriate uni.

I also weigh 230 lbs and I started on a 24" learner… It served its purpose and then I started stripping the cranks and bending the seat post after a while and a little bit of hopping (like 2" hops at the time). The Nimbus ISIS unicycles are great for the price.

Personally I wouldn’t hold a baby while unicycling… ever. Even if you’re really good there is a still a chance you will fall and you may need to extend your arms to bail properly. Unless of course you mean to carry him/her in a backpack or stomachpack… that would be safer I think.

Thank you for the additional information. I’ll start mentally cataloging all this information. Currently, my “training” grounds will be close to my office, and the ground is fairly level. What hills there are, are very small.

Yeah, I don’t plan on carrying my girl at all on the unicycle. It’d be just too dangerous. My wife is just excited and being “dreamy”. Besides, I have a gravel driveway with a steep entrance, so… NO. My little one is just too precious to me to risk injury to her doing something rather risky like trying to ride her on a unicycle up a gravel driveway…

Best uni for you

Easily a fat tired 3 x 24 muni. Very strong, last forever, and if you run the tire soft, even a beginner can ride off road on bike trails etc.

Normally, I would never suggest Koxx one, as they are usually so much more $ then KH in the USA, yet no better really, so they are rare here, much more popular in Euroland.

However, times change, and Koxx is having an unheard of half price sale, while KH (on sale 2 months ago), are full retail now.

Generally, Koxx and KH are considered the 2 best rides in the business, a cut above the rest. Just look at what you see the best riders riding in the vids. If it’s Europe or SA, they are riding Koxx. In the USA it’s KH. This is a pricing thing, they are both excellent unis.

The price for a Koxx 24 muni is 212 euro’s, which I think comes to around 275 $ plus ? $ to ship. If the whole deal comes to less then 400 $, you should go that way, if you can swing it. You will get an unusual ride ,(in USA), of the best quality for the best price with K1 now.

Don’t worry about starting on a 24 muni. I started with a 24 KH 2 years ago and it was such an excellent choice, I wore out a tire in about 6 months. They are slightly harder to turn, but much easier to ride over bumpy ground then a beginner 20.


i was 250 when i started and i use a torker lx 24 and it was fine

Yeah, i just tryed taking mine off a 4 set, and i bent the hub and spoke compleatly. I am about 200 and i thought i had a better uni, but apparently i didn’t. So im in the same boat here because, im probley going to gain some weight around football season, and i ride sets so im looking for something sturdy. Because im not satisfyed with 2’s and mabey 3’s XD…

I’d suggest a 24" but not a mountain uni. They aren’t designed for riding around and are quite sluggish on the road. If you wanted to put a tire like a 14 x 2.5 hookworm on one it would work great but with a stock tire like the duro they are horrible for riding around.

First take better care of your uni. Tensioned spokes, decent cranks, and cotterless wheelsets can handle picnic table drops with a rollout. I still ahve my sun classic from a few years back, and its still very rideable, and I did lots of bigger things with it.

Second, get something splined.

It sounds like you are trying to send him down quite an expensive route. 230lbs is just over 100kgs right? I would imagine that most learner unicycles would hold up to that fine. For learning to ride it will be fine, untill you start hopping and dong drops I dont think theres much need for an expensive splined unicycle with a wide rim.

Skilewis. I notice on the UDC Canada page that the Nimbus II appears to be outfitted with a 3" Duro, so unless that’s a misprint then that frame should be able to accept a 3" tire. Good advice on the KH Cranks. The Nimbus is now being advertised with new crank arms called Nimbus Venture Alloy Cranks. It will be interesting to see how these stack up against the KH cranks.

enjoying a 24 x 3 muni

Tiny riders may have a different opinion. I really loved how the knobs reduced the size of rocks, and the large soft tire made 1 inch side walk cracks disappear.

A heavier rider will experience the large tire as being as smooth as a 20 x 2 is to the 100 lb rider. To do it all over again, I would still pick the 24 muni as the best thing for me as a fat guy beginner to ride around on. Especially if you are around 200 lbs.

A trials uni is better to learn riding backwards(low to ground), and almost all basic skills. Yet for plain old having a blast exploring riding around your town as a new rider, the 200 lb+ rider will have the most fun on a 24x3 muni with a soft inflated tire. It will smooth out the path for you in a way the other skinny tired things can’t. Those skinny hard tires will kick back at every twig and stone like you were supposed to see them. If anything, they should be offering us a 24 x 4 " tire. But don’t go for anything less then a 24x 3 tire if you are a fat boy. :slight_smile:

24x3" tires handle terribly on pavement. 24x4" tires (the Endomorph) are even worse.

Your town is only about an hour away from Unicycle.com. If you want to make the most informed decision, call them, tell them what you’re looking for and go to the showroom. Then you can try different ones and compare. Their salespeople actually know unicycles (unlike most bike shops/internet stores) and can help. These are two advantages not many new unicyclists enjoy. Also you save shipping costs and the anxiety of waiting for your new toy to arrive.

1148 JVL Court, Suite 170
Marietta GA 30066

Terrible?, I can’t understand that. A bit rumbly with the knobs, but like I said, those long knobs reduce the size of the average stone.

The advise about going to UDC if it’s close sounds good. Just be aware of the possible lower internet prices for many things (UDC charges full retail, except for sales). I have never been to the UDC shop, but I certainly will if I get close.