What tool to cut Magura hoses?

I just got my first Magura brake, and I need to shorten the hose. The manual says to use a “cutter” to cut the hose, not “pliers or a saw”. Would a utility knife or x-acto blade work as a “cutter”, or is there some other type of “cutter” I should use?

I’ve always just used a utility knife and never had any problems.

OK, I just wanted to be sure since “cutter” is kind of ambiguous. There’s no metal reinforcement inside the hose like a cable brake hose, right?

Do you have the plastic hose or the braided hose?

You can cut the plastic hose with a sharp utility razor. You do need to be careful that you get a clean straight cut and that you don’t crush or collapse the hose while cutting it (that will produce an un-straight cut).

The braided hose is different. You need to use an actual cable cutter tool for that. The tool is for cutting brake cable and shifting cable for bikes. A bike shop will have the tool. They will be able to cut the hose for you. Buying the tool just so you can cut the hose once or twice isn’t practical. The tool is designed to give a clean cut without crimping or collapsing the hose.

Also check out the other technical manuals available at the Magura web site. Helpful info there.

The hose in question is plastic (at least on the outside), not the special steel-braided ones that UDC sells.

I just wish the manual were clearer than calling the proper tool simply a “cutter”–must be the German to English translation.

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I should cut my brake cable on my muni because its wrapped around the cround like 10 times so I have this huge ball of wrapped up brake cable under my seat.

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If you are putting these brakes on your Muni you should slide some tubing over the brake line to protect the line if you UPD and line gets pinched between rock and muni, I will try and post pic of how I did mine