Unicross Championship Race Video

Hope ya’all don’t mind the duplicate post but I just put up a Unicross race video at my site - crankmychain.com. Permalink here


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Yeah, this guy is Doper the banned user. O yeah and you cant call it world championships if the IUF isnt involved.

…just needed a spot to host this for later…ill be on later to post homework to printwhen i get home too.

Check your facts

My name ain’t Doper, never was. It’s Dan Kaufman and I make cycling videos.

“The World Championship of Unicross” is, in fact, what it was called.

Your point is taken though, the race was not IUF sanctioned and I mention this in the video. But, correct me if I am wrong, I am not aware that there is a Unicross governing body.

Big picture; I think the event is good for sport unicycling.

Well this guy made a thread in RSU a while ago and it sounded like he was incharge of it. Then he got banned and made an account called pdxan. Sound farmiliar?

I like your last name. Sounds cool. =p

As far as I know, we do have other championship races, but not one set up for unicross yet. Cyclecross is like DH combined with trials. Because the trail, usually has obstacles to get over and to use.

For unicross it would be like Muni and trials combined.

Hmm, maybe we can incorporate unicross races into this years NAUCC.

I know they are still planning it out cause they don’t even have a street event in their yet, so we could fit in unicross too. If not this year, it will be something for next years. =p

As you said, it is good for unicycling, as a sport. We don’t get much coverage, and when we do, like we did here, its always gonna be good.

so how many people ended up coming the the “world championship”?

Godito, There were 5 unicyclists and several hundred people watched.

Great ideas, Jerrick, you have a constructive attitude and approach. FYI, cyclocross racing is supposed to include approximately 1/3 road, 1/3 grass and 1/3 single-track off-road type paths. There is also supposed be a certain amount of barriers that require a racer to dismount and carry their cycle. For Unicross I think you would want to have some sort of requirements on how long you could stay off the unicycle or points for making barriers without falling off.

I also think it makes sense to keep this Unicross concept tied to cyclocross events because it is good for both sports from a marketing and/or spectacle standpoint and since the courses are already being built unicyclists might as well take advantage.


Dan Kaufman
(not pdxdan or doper)



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