What to do when u get tired of the same old stuff?

i live in Wa Australia, and apart from a few easy to get to tracks, and learning some tricks on my MUni, Qu-ax 24", there isn’t too much to do, anyone know of anything else super fun to do on a uni that is easy and simple,(i don’t mind learning tricks,but takes patience, and im not too worried about that anyway) and doesnt hurt too much?

just do harder crazier stuff

If you like trials, try an entire trials line without setup hops, or prehops, it makes for a very challanging line.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^hear hear thats what i do

Yeah…Pretty much what evean said. hwne you can do a technical line with one hop per obstacle and no dabs come back and tell us yuove got nothing to do.

Get some much much shorter cranks then ride all the same tracks again. Or use the extra speed to ride further.

Put a thinner tyre on and ride all the same tracks again.

Explore the side tracks and unofficial tracks that run off the easy-to-get-to tracks.

Take the uni somewhere further from home - use a bus or get a lift.

Time yourself on a circuit, then try to beat your record.

Ride your regular routes in the opposite direction.

Make some obstacles with wood, pallets and slabs.

Or get a job that gets you out of the house at 6:30 each morning and gets you home mentally and physically exhausted in the evening, cook your own tea, do your own hosuekeeping, and then discover how much you appreciate every rare chance you get to ride.

I come here and talk about stuff we’ve already talked about over and over (the same old stuff).

On a rainy day, get the Standard Skills List from the IUF Rulebook and see how many of the figures in there you can actually do. Then compare that to the total, and figure the percentage. Plenty to work on there, and that’s not even a complete list of uni tricks.

For trails, best advice is to talk to more bikers to find out about other trails. Good trails are worth a long drive. I don’t actually live within riding distance of any proper, legal trails and I have to drive at least half an hour to get to anything.

do something stupid that could get you put in the hospital and video tape it