What the hell?

OK so I installed a pair of brakes I got from Brycer (you’re the man dude, BTW) onto my unistar DX. The wheels is perfectly in true and the pads are nowhere near the rim unless I’m braking.

For some reason my uni is wobbling all over the place like I’ve been riding for only a week. Any suggestions on what’s going on here?

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It would help to know what kind of brake you’ve installed and possible see some pics of the set up, especially the gap between rim and pads.

If the rim is true, then it should be an easy job to reposition the pads, but as long as they can lock the wheel when it’s wet out, they’re close enough.

EDIT: No idea about the wobble. It could just be a case of practise makes perfect.

^ Useless thread title is useless ^

Reminders to people to use intelligent thread titles are not useless if they help people become better forum users.

From your description, the wobble you are experiencing is separate from the brake. Check bearing holders, cranks, seat, etc. for looseness. Check tire pressure. Suddenly running high pressure on pavement? That will make a MUni ride funny.

Or it’s all in your mind. Try changing your mind, then riding some more. :slight_smile:

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It’s a set of the Magura hydraulics, red. I already forgot the name. I was riding yesterday and it didn’t seem so awkward. I guess it’s mental.