What ski areas have accepted unicycling?


Mt Washington Ski Resort on Vancouver Island, BC, is working out their policy on unicycles for next summer. I’d like to provide them with a list of other ski areas that allow unicycles.

Thanks for any help.


Kris Holm

I know that Northstar at Tahoe allows Unicyclists to ride. In fact, CMW’s and a few smaller meets have been held there.

A group of us from MN have been going up to Lutsen Ski Resort once a year for 4 years now. Never a problem with them allowing us to ride there.

camp fortune around ottawa allows unicyclists

Gunstock in Gilford, NH allows unicyclists but you have to hike the trails just as the bikers do. I doubt they allow them on the slopes once the snow comes though.

Copper Mountain. CO, Telluride, CO, Big Sky MT., Beaver Creek, CO., Breckenridge, CO. have all allowed unicyclists. Winter Park let us ride down but not use the lift.

Attitash New Hampshire. They let you ride the lift up.

I have ridden at Snowshoe Mountain, WV and Wintergreen, VA without any problems.

The Summit at Snoqualmie was the site of national MUni championships in 1999 and the world championships in 2002. Not sure the exact name of the resort.

Lasst year the whole crew from NAUCC rode down Snowbird in Utah. I think that was their first-ever time having unicycles on their trails. My pictures of that start here:

As for Northstar, yes they hosted us for three MUni Weekends ('97, '2000 and 2004) where they knew we were coming, and even helped out with organizational stuff, discounts and hospitality. They like us. Have your mountain reference my web site for further info, or contact Northstar directly.
http://www.unicycling.com/muni/muni97/satam.htm (just photos)

I think that is the exact name, although The Summit no longer allows riding, or at least no longer has lift-serviced riding. But that’s not limited to unicycles…they discontinued it for mountain bikes also.

I had no problems at Mount Hood Ski Bowl in 2004.

Whakapapa Ski Area, Mt Ruepehu, NZ

They were cool with us taking our MUni’s on the chairlifts etc. but I don’t think they have any unicycle specific legislation in place.

Marble Mountain here in western Newfoundland let me ride up the lifts and uni down on a slow day last February. The people I dealt with didn’t seem to have a problem with a unicyclist on the slopes, but I don’t know if they have an official policy on the matter, yea or nay.


Telluride Colorado,summer only, but you allready knew that.

Dundret in Gellivare in Sweden has accepted unicycling.

( www.dundret.se )

I haven’t unicycled there yet, but Great Divide in Helena, MT is open in the summer for MTbikes…

Does that count…?

Thanks a lot- I’ll send them a big list.

Last summer Mt. Washington had a ridiculous rule that unicycles without brakes were not allowed, but that has been cleared up now.


Re: What ski areas have accepted unicycling?

Snow World in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, has accepted a unicycling
event as a one-off. We could use their lift too. They are an indoor
ski resort.

(I’ve got some pics at
http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/muniweekend04.htm )

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This summer I went and rode at Whistler. They let me on the lift, then a “Saftey Manager” came up and made me sit around for a while, and then they took pictures of me riding their terrain/skills park. It appears they have no policy either way, so the let me ride without further question.

We have had similar problems with ski areas in Colorado, mostly the ones owed or operated by Vail Associates. People don’t seem to understand how unicycles work (no freewheel = no need for a brake). I would be interested in the details of your discussions because we would like to mount a campaign to get access to any resort that allows bicycles.