what size?

i just started unicycling at my friends house and fell in love with it… honestly i dont know why… the only thing that is stopping me from buying a unicycle is that i dont know what size to get… im 6 foot and have a 35in inseem:(

ive heard that 20’'s are easy to ride but i think im to big… (i only weigh 145lbs) what size wheel and what hight post should i get. any suggestions on a good first time unicycle that wont break the bank?

thanks for reading all this crap :o

If U think that 20 - is small for you - you should buy 24 . It’s good choice for adult learning.

Your wheel size choice should be based on the kind of riding you plan to do. If you don’t know what that will be, I’d also recommend the 24". If you know you want to focus on tricks, Trials, Street, stick to the 20". Or a low-cost 24" to start out on, and then a stronger, more expensive 20" later on.

It’s years ago since I learned, but like most people, I learned on a 20.

Recently, I have started a new relationship (hence, I haven’t been posting much) and my new partner’s two boys (13 and 17) have been learning to unicycle.

The older lad is about 5’ 10" and has been learning on a KH24 with 150mm cranks on a fairly uneven back lawn. He has also been riding the 29 with 150 mm cranks. The younger lad has been learning on the 20 with 150s and also on the KH24. The older lad is riding several metres at a time, and setting himself slalom courses, two weeks into his riding career. The younger one is riding a few metres at a time.

So my conclusion is that if you have the enthusiasm, you can learn on a 20, 24 or even bigger. As you are tall, a 24 may well be best.

Go with a cheap 24 like the Torker CX - I’ve learned on one and it’s great, you can try anything on it. It’s cheap enough that I don’t mind it getting all scratched up. Now I ride to work on it. I’m 6’1 and about 180 pounds.

thanks guys, lots of good information!