What size do i need?

I need to get a pair of 661’s…my shins can’t take this abuse anymore. I’m asking for them for christmas…but i don’t know what size i need and the website doesn’t really have any measurements. I’m like 6’2"…Would the large size most likely fit…i don’t have huge legs or anything lol.

hmmm…where is that sizing chart that you can’t find?

Large. I’m 6’2 as well, and large is perfect.

Large. I’m 6’2 as well, and large is perfect.

Why didn’t you mention 661’s in your subject line? Would have saved me the click (I don’t have any). :angry:


lol sorry, and thanks for the replies

The 661 size guide just gives you the leg opening sizes. That’s nice to know and all, but the leg opening size is only a part of the sizing info needed. The more important measurement is the length of the pad from the ankle to the knee.

Municycle.com has a much better sizing chart for the 661 armour. Look at measurement “E”. You want that measurement as long as possible and still fit between just above the top of your shoe and the middle of your knee. If the pad is too short the armour will slide down your leg during a crash. If the pad is long enough the top of your shoe will stop it from sliding down and exposing the top of your knee.

At 6’2" you can probably go with the XL.

hmm…i hear what you are saying. I think it’d be better if it were a little snug than if it were too big. I’m not really concerned about my knees all that much…i’ve never fallen on them. Its my shins that are getting destroyed. After talking to Cody i decided against the 4x4s too…because apparently they are a little stiff for wheel walking and street stuff.

I’ve got 4x4s and they’re not restrictive at all. I wheel-walk in them on my 24" muni and they feel great. Don’t know about crankflips.

I agree, they’re definitely not restrictive, especially after you’re used to them. Of course, at first they will seem extremely hot, but you’ll get used to that also.

I know you said you don’t want em anymore, but incase you change your mind again, don’t get XL. They’re massive. Way way too big.

i have large ones and they are fine. I’m about 6’