what shoes do you wear when you ride

I wear a pair of shoes that have little rubber spikes on the bottom and really strong arches, I was thinking about buying some shoes from SixSixOne anyone have any experience with their shoes?

I rode 661 Dually’s for a while…I like em but they are a bit expensive for me to be getting all the time… I wear Sugi flatsole shoes for trials. it leats the pedal do all the gripping which is what i like.

I wear Black Vans!

I gots me some sweet orange kicks for when I ride trials:

Anything strong with a thin sole to wrap around the pedals. i have 2 worn down pairs of vans and some extra grippy adidas at the moment.

Advice: Don’t ride in those flip-flop things.

Here you go. :slight_smile:



Me too!

i wear my i path reed rastas. they cover my ankles better than most skate shoes

I wear black converse high-tops with gel insoles that are very comfy and make your foot stance correct, which mine are, so it doesn’t help much there, but people with flat feet really feel the difference, then I have 661 ankle biters in there.


lol this is mike right now im at jerricks house dont feel like loggin in on my guy and i wear those flip flop things=p
dont work good unless u just goin from point A to point B:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i also wear vans.
mostly because they are what i have always worn and they last forever even if i skate(and ride) in them everyday.

specifically i have the rowley XL III’s i love them.

lol my 9 month old vans that are worn almost through the sole and have nice holes (not all the way through yet) from my pedal spikes

thats how my old pair of vans are, they are my work shoes now.
i can fit 3 fingers through the holes in the bottoms of them. haha…before i got my new shoes, whenever i rode in them the bottoms of my feet would get cut up by the pedals.

Yeh, my vans are wrecked too. I’ve climbed mountains in them, skated, ridden my uni, jumped off stuff, thrown up on them, had people throw up on them, set them on fire, the list goes on. But I can’t bring myself to throw them away :frowning:

Has anyone ever actually designed shoes specifically for unicycling? Vans seem pretty popular among us uni-ists - maybe they should design us a shoe…

Vans. (do I see a trend?)

Indded. I think this is worthy of a poll!

Nothing grips a pedal like Vans with a waffle tread.


etnies and I can change last week i went to try to buy me a pair of dc’s and ended up walking out with etnies again

I wear whatever I’ve got on my feet. :smiley: