what shoes are good for riding?

i ride Muni, and for this i wear tough boots
however, whenever i try to wheelwalk, and put my feet on the frame for 1 foot rding, my boot clips the edge, and throws me off
my uni is a Qu-ax 24, jic
are there any common, but effective shoes for riding muni, and tricks?

Well I wear skater shoes…etnies…dc’s…and any sport shoes. I don’t know if there is a difference between 24 or 20 inch with 1 footing.Well I ride a 20 inch Quax muni:D

skate shoes is the best for riding. i have also trid a pair of adidas samoa and the only thing i hated about them was the sole wasn’t wide enough. also the heel needed to be wider in the back. im thinking about getting the adidas samoa wd because they are supose to be better.

chuck taylor converses

1 they seem 2 be good for unicycling well for me

2 and they just look cool speciallly the hightops

for muni i would use hiking shoes but cut down the tread a bit, so its griipy but not so grippy that it impairs your abilities. thats what id do!

I mainly use trail running shoes- give’s good grip for when you are on or off the MUni. I’m onto my third pair of Salomons- I like them because of the kevlar lacing system which is very secure and tucks away neatly. I don’t think I will ever go back to using anything with shoelaces- dangerous for unicycling, and hard to clean and secure when it get’s muddy.

i use my chucks every now and then and i hate them for unicycling. they are to soft. i tried to do a kick up mount with them on and i hurt my foot.

Vans for me. Comfortable, affordable, very flat soled, good traction in combination with the pinned pedals, and they don’t get in the way of things.

661 dualie for trials and muni, no contest.
anything soft soled for freestyle.


this is a thread i started awhile back, says loads of stuff bout what kinda shoes people like to wear whilst riding. It may be of some use.


i’ll agree with seager. they have protective ankle cups. for some reason i always hit my ankles, but with the 661 shoes. nad they’re plenty grippy like a skate shoe. but use the search, this thread has been done repeatedly.

yea i no i do that to they walls of the shoe are so thin… but i suggest u get some skate shoes or vans or something they seem to hodl up well

theres always new shoes,i just bought a pair of Five Ten Insights for hiking and freeclimbing and i’m really happy with how they Muni. VERY GRIPPY with a sort of in between sole stiffness.


What shoes will work best for you depends on what kind of riding you want to do: Freestyle, street, trials, muni or commuting.

For advanced freestyle riding it helps to have thinner soles so you can sense exactly where your feet are in relation to the pedals, tyres etc. Chuck taylors work well for any wheel walking tricks because they have a nice smooth tread pattern a thin fairly flexible sole which helps a lot for wheel walking. Plus they are not bulky which makes many tricks easier (eg crank idle can be more difficult in bulky shoes). I used to use a particular model of black reebok high top basketball boots which had a much thinner sole than usual models. This had the advantage of ankle protection while still giving the feedback I wanted through the thin sole.

If you are into street or trials riding suddenly your focus is more on dealing with big impacts and a thin sole is no longer desirable. Skate shoes work well as they have a fairly rigid thick sole and a design that tends to cushion big impacts. I prefer skate shoes with a velcro bit at the top which I can use to secure the laces under. Skate shoes still work ok for wheel walking as the sole has a nice flat tread pattern.

For Muni and long distance you want some nice grippy shoes (assuming you are not going to do any wheel walking/gliding etc). It is no longer critical to have a flat tread on the sole. Long laces are to be avoided and I prefer shoes fastened with velcro if possible. Breathability is a consideration as you may be wearing them for hours on end.

haha - i ride with flip flops quite a bit, though i definetly dont suggest it…
vans / skateshoes are awesome for street and trials stuff, they really stick to the pedals and support your feet.
chucks are good for ankle protection and getting a feel for the uni a little bit better, but they dont take impact too well, and i find that my feet slip off the pedals quite a bit, cuz the grip doesnt’ stick to them very well.