Unicycling Shoes

Does anyone have any opinions as to what would make a good shoe for freestyle. I wear a shoe that has a flat sole which makes it easy to wheel walk and glide but harder to perform tricks while hopping on the wheel. Any ideas guys?


These puppies give you plenty of sole at the toe for gliding and the like.

They also go well with your screen name.

Converse high-tops have worked well for me.

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dudde those are sweet, where can i buy some?


It was the first hit on a Google Image Search for “clown shoes”

any skate shoe… or basketball shoe… i have never taken a liking to chucks…


Vans, make sure they have the waffle tread. They just grab pedals mo bettah!

same here.

get the five tens… search and you will find a bunch of threads on them… they are insane

i found hi-tops (high cut) restrict ankle movement. i go for the dunlop volleys. either that or my grandma’s (dead) neighbors loafers. Funny story about that. My grandma’s neighbor died so i got some of his shoes. Spooky.

I’ve liked skate shoes so far, but especially my old Globe’s. They were somewhere between a skate and a sports shoe, so did up real tight, and had a low profile (so they didn’t mash on the crank)

I’m currently riding with some Etnies, and they were kinda hard to get used to - they have a really wide profile around the ankle and without practice they catch on the cranks (if your q-factor is 0 anyway). I don’t really like these for unicycling, but they do the job ok.

So I suppose really I’m just saying sports shoes are better. Which contradicts the first paragraph. So, discount the first paragraph.

I just use normal sport shoes. they work fine for me

any skate shoes work fine, my favorite is the converse high tops though, which aren’t skate shoes…

Adidas superstar…

I have a preference for riding in flat-soled shoes as oppose to one’s that have a curve for your arch. My old cheap shoes have been really good…but the grip is pretty shot on them now and they are getting holes…My other riding shoes, that I wouldn’t reccomend at all are Kustom skate shoes. They don’t grip at all to pedals, and your foot is likely to come off at any time.

Of course, if I can’t wear my flat soled shoes, I find that this pari of old mountain biking shoes are good. They are only about 4 sizes too big. But they grip real well, and are unimaginably comfortable, even 4 sizes too big o.O

I just wear whatever shoes i have bought, then once those are shot, i buy another pair.

But, my favorite shoe to wear are converse high-tops, or slippers that are really fuzzy and padded =p


I like my chucks… both high tops and lower ones… luckily the high tops stick tight enough to the ancle where they dont get caught…

but… i also… have a pair of BODY GLOVE like swim sox… :smiley: yeah… they are really light… and… yeah… nice and grippy… :roll_eyes: they look really doofy but… i like how bendable the soles are… and they are really low… so… no prob with pedals… :o

Most of the time i were my etnies but tomarrow i am going to try my converses. I would also like to get a pair of clown shoes.

for trials i wouldnt go past a pair of strong, sturdy skate shoes. i like my etnies, which i pretty much wear most of the time.
for practising frestyle tricks, i like shoes with more feel, such as those vans slip-on’s. they are nice and slim so dont get in the way when trying to learn new tricks.