What shinguards do you like? Help on sizing too?

I cruised around the forums with the search function for a while, but most of the threads I was finding were about 7 years old. So I thought it would be time for a new one (Forgive me if there is a more current one, I’m sure one of you will tell me about it)

  1. I would like a pair of knee/shin guards, and I was curious about what you guys like to use.

  2. Also any help on the sizing? I looked around a bit, and I’m pretty sure about my size, but I’m about 5’11" maybe 6’ and from very rough measurements of the top of my leg, bottom of my shin, and the shin length itself, I think that I would be a size Large in a pair of 661’s. I don’t think I have unusually long legs or anything, I’m pretty proportional to my knowledge. Any help on this matter?

  3. I was also wondering if someone could tell me how to measure my inseam? I’m not sure if this applies to the equipment, but I was curious about it anyways. Do you measure to the floor or to the bottom of your ankle? Because my ankle is about 2 inches from the floor (Flat feet)

Here’s a good place to start:

Maybe not everything you want but a start…

I love the SIXSIXONE 4x4 Knee/Shin guards, have used the same pair for over 3 years (though I should get a new pair soon). Then again I am a little biased:
/ / / /

Yeah, I like 661 too. Havent fallen on them yet but they arent restrictive as they are lose on me, yet still stay in place. I am not sure how well they hold up if I land on my knee on concrete/asphalt. I havent really used them but compared to soccer shin guards, they are amazing!

I haven’t tried the 661 4x4, but I tried some of the other brands, types I’ve seen in the local bike shops, and the KH Leg Armours I ended up ordering are leaps and bounds more comfortable. I really like them, good fit, not too bulky. I forget I’m wearing them most of the time.
There is some sizing info for the 4x4 and the KH ones here:
I’m 5’9, and I wear the L version of the KH.

How did you search?

Click Search

Enter keywords “knee shin guard” or a variant thereof.

Click “Go”

The first 10 threads are >1 yr old. You’ll find a couple dozen threads that are recent and relevant.

If you want to pimp your search, use advanced search, and limit the search to Rec.Sport.Unicycling and/or Product Reviews… try searching titles only… try different keyword combos.

It isn’t rocket science. Hell, it isn’t even creationist science.

I have a set of Odyssey Smak Pads, they are real comfortable. The straps aren’t standard, but the pads are more secure than usual.

I like the cope shin guards A LOT!!! they are amazing for trials!!! :):):slight_smile:
The best I ever had :roll_eyes:


I bought some hockey knee/shin guards since they were a lot more inexpensive than 661’s or any high end MTB equipment, they are a little bulky but have a ton of padding and are dang near indestructible, I think I paid about $35 for them and they work great!! now something for the back of my calves on the other hand is a different story.

I have some old school XTRA-SKINZ that are great. They are neoprene with a removable plastic insert for the shin. Not sure if they are still in business, but I haven’t seen anything out there I like nearly as much.

Lizards skins. No knee.

I like old 661s. Solid foam covered by solid slates of plastic. Some complain they are hot (Which lead to their downfall) but heat shouldnt be an issue when we are voluntarily strapping on nice thick black clothe filled with foam to our legs.

The new 661s have big chunks of the plastic cut out and holes in the foam all over. Maybe a bit cooler, which still wont help when its 90* outside and you are jumping around getting sweaty anyways, and it really doesnt help when a bar, ledge, rock, or pedal lands right in the gap where there is just a few pieces of foam, which will happen quite a bit.

So for me, if I cant find an NOS of 661 knee/shin guards, then im not getting 661s again.

So right now im undecided. Im not spending a lot on something that im going to rip to shreds, so once I find a good alternative for $20-$30, then ill report back.

I use 661’s and I love em, those pads have saved my shins too many times to count. If 661’s aren’t your thing though, you can go to any serious bike store that caters to mountain bikers, they’re sure to have some good shin pads there.

i wanna stop wearing shin guards, but i cant 5 spin without em’. oh yeah 661s are good.

Many of the bike shop ones have a substancial gap between the knee and the knee portion of the pad when you stand fully upright, I also found that they do not cover as much of my shin as I would like. They usually leave about 4 inches or so exposed at the bottom, 4 inches that I would need covered. (not all the way to my shoe)

661 all the way

Has anyone had any real issues with sizing? I believe from what I’ve researched that I would be a size Large in 661’s. And as I’ve not found anything satisfactory at any of the shops, I might be forced to buy them off the internet. And I’d hate to get an improper size.

With the 661s, go for the right length first. If the measurements are too big around, that is not a problem. Just make sure they arent too short or too small.

That’s what I’ve been basing it on. But it’s not concrete enough to make me order it yet.

Just measure the length, I have super skinny legs and they are tight and comfortable. If you go smaller than your length you’ll either leave your shin open or it won’t reach your knee. In this case i think bigger is a bit better, this mentality worked with my GF as well who wanted to go with a small, but I got her mediums…fit like a glove. I hope this helps

You’re not forced to do anything. :wink:

Don’t forget that a reputable Internet retailer should have a customer service number that you can call. If they want your business, they should help you select the product that is right for you. If they don’t, another store is just a few clicks away…