what makes you wanna stay with unicycling?

well ive always wanted to know what makes you keep unicycling.

Its fun.

because it is more interesting than riding my bike…

Because MUni has literally changed my life! :smiley: Don’t know how many more years I can do it, but I’m not quitting anytime soon!

So wont be fat and lazy when I get old. Ill still be healthy and fit because of unicycling. =p

:slight_smile: its unique, fun and a new challenge is waiting everytime i go to ride:)


I just keep getting better and that makes it fun

i dont need another 21 people to play

Cuz I don’t have it nearly figured out yet…

thts easy, the wanting to get better your dreams, then the adrenaline it gives you:D .

Just the wanting to do a trick, or tht feeling you get when you finally get one trick.

Unicycling changed my life, and i love it!

yah i like to land tricks and stuff and its pure pain i mean uhh fun.

Fame, fortune, the women…the feeling of supreriority it gives me.
But seriously, it gives my life meaning, direction and focus, I love it!

I’ll stick with it till I can glide then i’ll I might look into bcs

Then why are you here? JK

Because it is something that nobody else does for the most part. It’s refreshing to hear things like “alright, I gotta see how you get on that thing.”

Unicycling is a great way to escape from other things that are happening in my life. It’s awesome to be a part of a sport that is so new, and to be able to go out and land a trick that no one has ever done before. Unicycling is excellent exercise it’s one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that I do.

because you can talk about all kinds of parts and unicycles and none of my non-uniers have no idea what you’re talking about.

To stay young.

When I don’t ride, I get older.

Faster, that is.

I tell people that I ride because it’s a great exercise and a never ending challenge. Which is true. But it’s all the positive comments and smiles that keep me rolling.

That’s the reason i ride summed up perfectly right there, Oh and i love the attention it gets from curious on-lookers