What kind of unicycle do you have???

Thats a day after my birth day cool…:smiley:

A small flock of Nimbi (36 delux, 29 XC, 29 ordinary, 20")

Plus 2 onzas - 20 & 24.

yea i guess your right im getting one soon. when i get some more money or when the new ones start arriving and people put their old ones up for sale.

One more unicycle in the house since I participated in one of these threads so here’s my list:

ancient old red 20" - cottered cranks, of unknown make and vintage (started on this one almost 20 years ago)
26" Semcycle XL with rebuilt wheel, KH Fusion saddle
36" Radial that I’m slowly morphing into the unicycle of my dreams
12" Sun modded down as little as it will go (waiting for my daughter’s legs to grow)

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I have a unicycle with ONE WHEEL. Oh, and it has a seat and pedals, too. Cool, huh?

So does that, on post five lol.

1 cheap 20" - don’t know what brand
1 sun 24" - added nice double walled wheel and pedals
1 sun 26" - added nice double walled wheel and pedals
2 stock kh 29’s
1 nimbus 36" deluxe

Might I ask why you have two kh29s?

Well i still have my 2 homemade unicycles. So that’s a good thing. 1 being a 20" and the other a 24". :smiley:

I bought an extra kh29 to loan to a friend that can’t afford to buy one, but really likes to ride…

wow luckey of him!

i have a k1-blueberry and a bedford BC(trying to sell)

i just got a 24’ for my birth day and rode it in a warehouse an its pretty fast

A 20" QU-AX Cross,
a 24" QU-AX Standard,
a 36" QU-AX and
a BC made from many brands:D

I have:

  • Carpenter
  • DM
  • NGS
  • Cyclone
  • 2 Univegas
  • Loyd
  • Oxford
  • Concord
  • Columbia
  • Langenberg
  • Stelber
  • Iverson
  • Rutledge
  • DGK
  • Fmsa
  • Troxel
  • Several by T.U.F.
  • A few Miyatas
  • GB4
  • A few others

Those are all unicycle brands?

Nope, he must be lieing. :roll_eyes:

no like its just alot I didnt know about. I had no clue there were so many.

A KH-24" '07 with Magura HS33, Thomson Masterpiece seatpost, and Kona Jackshit pedals. Will have a SWallis base as soon as they are available again.

What a nice friend he has!

'07 KH MUni (mucho upgrades)
'06 KH MUni
Radial 36 deluxe
LX 20
Schwinn 24
Jugglebug 18

(Wish list: Be able to rolling hop like Skrobo!)