what kind jerks have you encountered on your unicycle??

Just today I was going to my little brothers school to pick him up and we were going to unicycle home. so i approached the gate seperating the playground where the bike rack was and this stupid lady stops me and says “no bikes beyond this point” ok, first of all its not a bike El Retardo. and its not like im gunna run over somebody. what a penis. any thing like this little inccident you guys want to share?

“Bikes” are not allowed in lots of places. They can’t be sure you won’t run someone over, and neither can you. It’s called an accident, and the best way to avoid one sometimes is to not let one happen. In general, if bikes aren’t allowed, usually unicycles shouldn’t be either. I don’t know the specifics for this area. So if you had been on a bike, would this jerk still have been a penis?


yeah she would because she just had that kind of negative energy coming from her

i disagree. bikes are fast and require little skill to ride. unicycles are slow and require much skill, so you are unlikely to see a unicyclist in public who doesnt feel comfortable with his/her riding. if there was a unicycle related accident, it would probably be the fault of the pedesrtian doing something stupid, not the rider.

I’ve met thoes hell on wheel guys one time and let me say they gave me dohnuts and we rode all day. Man thoes guys were Jerks I tell you I mean trying to get me fat and cramp up on junk food before rides.


Dang! They’re out to get ya! I remember Mike Middleton getting me a 6" sub before some trials! Trying to cramp me up, too!

Seriously, I was riding and casually rolling hopped onto a bench. Some lady yelled at me for “jumping on an unsafe vehicle”. She then ordered me to ride in the street as I tried to ignore her and ride away. I was pissed, so I retorted with my own snarl: Legally i’m a pedestrian! Also, I’m under 16, so even if I weren’t, I could ride this unicycle on the sidewalk! Also, if I can’t jump, what makes you think I can handle having crazed SUVs pass me at 40mph! Finally, I made no indication of posing any threat to anyone else’s safety, so why did you feel the need to order me around?!

I was also doing trials on the boxes in front of my house, when the neighborhood ahole ordered me to “Jump again!” The guy is chronically rude, angry, and his neighbor has told me he auses his girlfriend. I with those things in mind, I felt this guy didn’t deserve the gratification of having me do what he ordered, so I said “no, I’m not your clown.” He got confrontational and began acting like it was now his job to play disciplinarian. He told me to jump again. First, I have a rule, I won’t jump with anyone within 4feet of the boxes, so I don’t fall on them. He was leaning on the box. I repeated “no, I don’t take orders from you.” At that point a close friend of mine was walking by, and noticed the guy was looking for a fight. He stood 10’ behind him eyeing him as we quarreled. The ahole grabbed my $400 onza uni, and I was pissed, but noticed I was not going to let this guy get to fight. I pulled it away and told him Iwas uncomfortable and asked him to leave. He came closer, and I remembered thankfully that I was wearing full armour. I sweet talked him into thinking I wasn’t in the mood to talk to strangers, and he stepped back. I sweet talked him and packed my full camelbak, watch, and board onto my boxes and brought them into my garage. My friend left unnoticed, and the guy loitered. I narrowly escaped a fight with a 200lb idiot.

But, most of the time people are very nice. I’ve made many friends unicycling, and often people are very accepting. I just wish there weren’t so many lawyers around. I can’t unicycle in the halls of school because they’re afraid of a liability suit. What crap.

Happy trails.


well just a recap to the lady being a jerk, the bike rack was right next to the gate about 2 feet or so and right when I got to the gate she told to get off. I said im just going to the bike rack and she said you still have to get off. so, thats why she was being a penis

I haven’t had anyone be really rude. I mean there are the jerk highschoolers who make stupid remarks, but that’s just them being stupid and not openly mean.

My friend and I were at a middle school on saturday riding around, hopping on short brick wall things. The janitor saw us and didn’t say anything. Then some teacher saw us and told us that what we were doing was dangerous and we shouldn’t do it. I asked her if it was against the rules to unicycle on campus, a sign said no access to public during school hours and since this was not school hours i felt it meant it was open to anyone. She said that she thought it was against the rules and I could go ask the principal I think. So I politely said thank you and we left. My friend was being a turd felt like going and telling her off. :confused: I didn’t care too much. I was polite and wasn’t angry.

D: we walked through the mall with our unicycles, didn’t get stopped by anyone. Some guys my friend knew wanted us to ride around.

Two Views on Life

Cynical View (for the bad days)…

Every one but you is stupid, verging on the criminaly insane, intends to obstuct you on every way possible and is therefore worthy of comtempt and suspision.
This is actualy a good mind set to have whilst driving

Non Cynical View (for the good days)…

Every one but you is stupid and is therefore worthy of complete indifference. Comtempt would involve you caring about them.

But seriously (or best I can manage at 5:30am), there are some people out there that just dont get it.
They dont understand reason for unicycling, the enjoyment of unicycling, the thill of unicycling or the fact that they will never live a fufilling life. They have never tried any emotional activity and have no social life.

For this reason… they are worthy of complete indifference. Comtempt would involve you caring about them. :wink:

Rise above them like a unicyclist on a coker.

Uni ‘My-body-clock-and-I-are-having-a-period-of-cynical-views’ Fool

The worst I’ve had was just a few days ago a couple tools driving by in their car yell “QUEER” as they pass. Other than that, people are pretty decent and actually enjoy seeing somebody who can ride a unicycle.

Are they really so strict over there, I read a lot about unicycles as skateboards. Here in Norway I have never had a problem with unicycles or my bike, you can ride whereever you want, exept for inside malls and stuff, but that is understandable.

Lucky me

I don’t see how you got from point A to point B in your logic here. Every time I let a stranger try my unicycle it’s in public. Speed is not required for an innocent pedestrian to get a pedal into their shin. If we “comfortable” riders do that to ourselves, we can do it to others as well. I don’t agree with your theory that only comfortable riders will be in public.

So-called “safety” rules, like much of law, are not necessarily dicated by logic. But they are usually based on the experience of stuff that’s actually happened in the past. Like a traffic light that gets installed after a pedestrian gets killed. For the most part, rules and laws are not written to include unicycles. We have to get used to the idea. But as wheeded vehicles, we still move faster than the pedestrians, which automatically gives us a higher amount of kinetic energy. This makes us the dangerous ones, not the pedestrians. Following this logic, bikes should of course yield to us! :slight_smile:

Lawyers are afraid of nothing. They want people to get hurt. Then they get richer.

We’re a little too paranoid in this country. It would be nice if we were only allowed a certain number of lawyers per capita. But how would you get such a law past the lawmakers? They’re lawyers.

So we also have to deal with the fact that liability will tend to always be against us. Though we have to fight for our rights to ride, it won’t work if we just piss people off. Getting the rules changed, and being friendly with your local rule-enforcers is the way to get by more comfortably.

Re: stuff

Still not sure if she was officially “in charge” of that area. If she was, it’s up to her. Doesn’t mean she’s not abusing her “power,” but I’d have to know the bigger picture to determine that. Some people just like bossing others around. These are the ones to try not to let get elected to high offices.

All of you guys having problems out there need to harmonize better with your environment. Remember a couple of things:

  • Unless you’re in your own yard, wherever you’re riding does not belong to you. If it is a public area, the rules that apply to it are designed for best benefit of all the public, not just you. In many cases, maybe you just shouldn’t ride there.

  • Try to be freindly with those in authority, even if you don’t like them. If they like you, you’ll be amazed at how much more pleasant life can be.

  • The world’s supply of a**holes and annoying people will never run out. You can clash with them or try to ignore them. Whichever makes you happy.

  • Remember the above one when you’re driving, and add stupid and inattentive people. You can “harmonize with your environment” by flowing through it, or risk more trouble by getting into conflicts.

  • Also it helps to not be bugged by things you can’t control. Save your energy for what you can change.

I was riding once and some jack@$$ threw a penny at me from his car. It hit me in the finger. I called the guy an “expletive expletive expletive” and threw something I was holding at his car.

Violence is bad.

yeah i have always been fearful of people throwing crap at me


riding over here (essex u.k.) is really bad! i constantly get things trown at me and yelled at but it hasnt stopped there, some rertards who thought iw would be a laugh have smashed up a phone box and kicked the broken glass all over the strech of pavement where i ride!! what a great time im having!!!


I think that mainly why people do that is because the uni has been associated with circus type things, and they never see a unicyclist riding down the sidewalk, so they feel that they have to pick on us cool people because they are all pot smoking retards :angry:

Re: Re: stuff

The word of John: 11.01

I agree. It was rude, careless, and stupid for me to confront that lady. I should’ve simply said: I understand you’re concerned for my safety and that of others, but please, it’s not safe for me to be in the street for ethier the drivers or me.

As for that guy, I can think of only 2 other responses I could get myself to do: F*** off., or jump onto the box, then tell him I’m not his sideshow and ask him to leave. That idiot deserves respect from noone.

As for school, I’m very friendly with the dean, vice principals, teachers, and the security guards. And it’s not the lawyers afraid of the liability suit, it’s the school. Falling off my uni is the last thing I’d sue them for. First would be the security guard nearly running me down in his escalade in the parking lot, twice!

What is wrong with smoking pot? I doubt many of the people picking on you are pot smokers, because they are known for the tendency of being mellow. They are more likely to be drunken rowdy louts. If they are idiots already and then they smoke pot, then that is not the fault of the herb if they behave stupidly. I smoke pot and ride a unicycle, and I refrain from picking on people, even if they are different from me.

The most annoying retards I have met recently are a couple of Police, who were so stupid they couldn’t tell the difference between a skateboard and a unicycle.