What is threaded rod used for?

So here I am, about to bend some threaded rod to make 2 bolts be one piece of rod to solve all seat bolt spinning issues, I think it was Yoopers who invented this?

Here’s my question…why can you buy 3 feet of threaded rod?

It can’t only be for people to created their own length of bolt? What would some other uses be?

Hardware store? I’ve seen threaded rod in mine.

I hadn’t thought of buying material that was threaded all the way down. The older (better) Miyata seats had bent rods that were just threaded at the ends. So your other option is to tap threads onto a possibly easier to find and work with piece of material.

If you think about it, you almost answered your own question, Sofa. It gets used for anything you can’t buy a standard length bolt for. When i was working in structural steel shops, we called it “allthread.” It gets used in embed anchors to join steel to concrete, it also gets a lot of use in forms for pouring concrete for the modern style of buildings that have very little structural steel. Plywood is used for the concrete forms, and it is held together by lots of allthread rods…they use large plastic “nuts” on both sides to hold it all together…once the concrete has cured, the nuts are threaded off, the plywood forms are pulled away, then the protruding rod is cut off with a torch. Just a couple of the many uses for the versatile “allthread.”

What is threaded rod used for?

It can’t only be for people to created their own length of bolt? What would some other uses be? Sofa

In the commercial and industrial air conditioning trade we use the threaded rod for “hanging” pipes, air conditioning equipment anything that is heavy and needs to be supported. There are many different kinds of “hangers” to use with the threaded rod. Hangers are a device that is threaded to accept the threaded rod. They can mount in drilled holes, attach to a beam, or from a metal plate that is screwed into metal or wood. Because the rod is threaded, we are able to install the equipment, pipes, etc. at the correct height and level or sloped to allow for drainage.

Now aren’t you glad that you asked. Duane

My latest use for threaded rod is in a jig holding a dial indicator for wheel truing.

The various thumbscrews let me adjust the position of the indicator for measuring roundness as well as lateral truing.



What a neat idea for wheel truing. Yet another credit to the ingenuity of the unicyclist.

It’s clearly there for

The threaded rod is clearly available in the hardware store for the singular purpose of allowing robot hobbyists to quickly add new decks to their creations.

Apologies for the darkness and size of the pic. I haven’t got photoshop running yet.


Although the threaded rod idea works well, it’s a little difficult to bend the rod exactly to fit the holes.

I like this fix much better:



Unless you use your Dremel tool to cut a ‘V’ groove exactly where you want that rod to bend after it is nicely heated up with a common propane torch :slight_smile:

I use it as part of an earthquake brace for rackmounted network gear. Picture would probably make more sense but cant seem to find one.