What is this trick?

I’ve seen Brian do it a couple times in Defect and it’s really cool but I have no clue what it’s called. I always thought of it as being feet-off-the-frame coasting but I don’t know for sure. I filmed it today.
Here’s the link.
Anybody know what it’s called??
Thanks and Peace, Jackie

Looks like about half a revolution of coasting, maybe 3/4. Cool, but a teeny coast.

Does it count as a different trick? My feet aren’t on the frame… It’s hard to see though…

Could you film it again or even better film it a few times from diffent angles? looks quite cool, would it be posible to take your feet off to the side?

Yeah! Brian has his feet waaaay out in Defect but he’s really good. I’ll try it tho!

…and get it on film :smiley:

Call it something like a foot lift? Or a feet lift. Best with more exaggeration of the movement, like feet out to the sides, or really high. Still, it’s kind of a brief variation on coasting, which is a really hard trick with a really boring name. I wouldn’t suggest changing the name of coasting, because that’s what it is; it’s just that people don’t appreciate what it means to coast on a unicycle. That’s not likely to change no matter what we call it.

u shuld call it…jugganot or twinkie or cupcake…or ask brian what he wants for the name…