What is the product of your drop height, age, height, and weight?

Isn’t one enough? :smiley:

I came close to beating you Harper, mine is 1,600,560! I think I have second place so far!

1,787,100 foot-year-inch-pounds. I won’t drop high enough to get into the 2,000,000+ club and I hope to lose weight.

Sorry! I’m still right behind Harper:

I forgot to mention it was foot-year-inch-pounds.
and the quoted convertion was in fact from MS to WTFS;).
The only way for me to beat Harper now is to improve my drop height (not reasonable for my already battered back) or improve my weight ('working on it;) )


Darn new math…

Ah. At least two perceptive people. How high can you jump? How many crankflips can you do? What’s your biggest drop. How heavy is your unicycle?

was the point or this thread to prove that you where the best Harper cuz most of us alredy knew that

I’m 44,371,840 cm-year-cm-kg. Conversions left up to the reader.

Actually, I couldn’t resist. The conversion factor is:

( 1 foot-year-inch-pound = 35.07 cm-year-cm-kg )

5 ft * 29 yrs * 72 in * 175 lbs = 1,827,000 ft-yr-in-lbs. Damn, you geezers have an unfair advantage! Well… I guess I can beef up in the weight dept… time to get a few cases of beer :slight_smile:

Let’s give this one a try.

8.89 cm * sz 12 * 5.5 in * 1.5 yds = 880.11 cm-sz-in-yds

Hmm… not quite as large a number. I must be doing something wrong.

wow, only 550,620.

why is it that the most pointless threads get the most responses the fastest? :roll_eyes:

Ohhhh, are we supposed to be serious?

stupid montana people…uh oh :astonished:

6.5x18x70x125 for a whopping 1023750

Re: What is the product of your drop height, age, height, and weight?

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 08:55:55 -0500, wobbling bear wrote:

>mine is 2217.456 … metric (meters, age, meters, kilograms)

Mine is 89,970,284,195 in proper SI units, and counting. That’s the
highest number posted so far, yay!

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Oooohhh. Seconds. Should have thought of that.

On second thought, yeah.

I think you’re onto something. However, I belive it should be something more like:

Age / [ (Rider Height / Drop Height) X (Rider Weight / Unicycle Weight) X Time Unicyling ]

Use all of the same units for each of the same measurements and this not only gives you a straight ratio with no units, but it also gives you a much more accurate representation of…something.

You’re way I’m 1,037,400 ftyrinlb

My way I’m 3.74

Just seems much tidier.

It’s okay that it’s only 5.5 inches…the girls are always saying that it’s not size, but prowess.

you’re 5’10" and only 125 lbs…I think you have more to worry about.

you’re 5’10" and only 125 lbs…I think you have more to worry about. :wink: