What is the product of your drop height, age, height, and weight?

What is the product of your drop height, age, height, and weight?

Drop height in feet. Age in years. Height in inches. Weight in pounds.

Mine is 3,744,900 foot-year-inch-pounds.

Beat that, sissies.

Uh…ok. :thinking:

Mine is only 912,828 foot-year-inch-pounds.

Just figured mine; it’s: I DON’T CARE! Besides, I’m bad at math!:smiley:

Lets see… 6 feet, 16 years, 5’10" 130 pounds. So thats… 222.

405 000 I suck :frowning:

Yours is 873,600…product means multiply;)

I am 554,400.

Oh you’re tough Harper! I’ll have to convert in metric system…

This is stupid. What a dumb idea.

2,148,120 ft-year-inch-pounds

Mostly because the drop height depends on age and weight quite non-linearly
and imho does not depend on height :slight_smile:

but I know nothing since I cannot do any drops higher than a standard curb yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, Harpers a trend Setter! (Pity they mislabeled the page!)

However I prefer the hair-length in centimeters times shoe size in UK length times crank length in inches times long jump distance in yards, I find it to be a much more indicative number.

But, I won’t complain about the system…I’m a:

1,054,850 foot-year-inch-pounds

…that still doesn’t come close to a FOG on a unicycle! I would have to multiply the last factor by at least 2 to even come close!!!

we need a really really fat guy who’s like 80 years old and really tall to jump off a diving board into a pool on a unicycle.

1.5 :o x 37 x 73 x 170ish

man, this forum is just getting stupider every day… I couldn`t think of a lamer thread…

i just realised, the only decent measuremeant you’ve got in there is years, i mean pounds and feet and inchs, what the hell?

they’re not even SI units, come on. stop livin in the past man!

(that wasnt supposed to be a joke about you being old)

I’m 1,594,080 ft. yr. in. lb. Wow I wish I was taller, older and fatter!

1 x 26 x 70 x 160 = 291,200

I think I’ve probably got the lowest! Although thinking about it I’ve done 3 footers once or twice it took me a whole afternoon to work up to them and it isn’t something I’ll choose to do again.


That’s what I was thinking… I’d probably ride off a 2ft drop if I was egged on by a group (although I’ve never done it yet) - I went for 18" because that’s the biggest I can honestly say I’ve done and stayed on with goolies intact, but I very rarely go off anything higher than a foot. It’s a good job it wasn’t hop height or I’d have been totally screwed - my hops are measured with feeler gauges :smiley:


576,000 but mostly in age and weight.

mine is 2217.456 … metric (meters, age, meters, kilograms)