What is the one thing you would never do without when unicycling?

For me it’s the extra lycra-type underwear I wear to make for a more comfortable ride. What is the one indispensable thing for your when unicycling?

headphones to get pumped!

Ankle braces (followed very closely by wrist guards).

for me it used to be bike shorts were an absolute necessity. lately, i haven’t been using them because i’m sick of the hassle.

ever since i got my 2nd major pedal bite (didn’t learn the first time…) shin guards became an absolute requirement. i used to also wear shorts, but now i won’t go without jeans (with shinguards on top). i don’t care how hot it is, its tons of padding, and i can barely even feel it when i fall anywhere on my legs or my pedals hit my legs.

lastly is the helmet… didn’t like it the first day, but after that i always had to have it on. nowadays i literally suck at riding if i don’t wear my helmet.


Tried it once.

Didn’t like it.

Your mileage may vary.

My camera! :smiley:

Shoes, I hate unicycling without shoes.

Well the answer to that seems apparent. My unicycle! But that excluded, I agree with shoes.

Helmet and wrist guards for any ride. Add knee/shin for off-road.

My pet alligator Sandy

J. C.

Camelbak. I get thirsty out there on the trails.

Depends on what i am doing. :smiley:

If speed unicycling…

Anything else…

  • Just a normal helmet.
  • Wrist and ankle guards
  • Street shoes.
  • My brain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever since I was learning how to ride and I torn up my shin. I never go riding without shin pads.


Edit: I wrote only those three letters in all CAPS but the forum software changed it. Probably thought that I was shouting.

If im doing an actual serius session always my shin pads, really should have ankle braces too, but you know how healthcare cant always come first…
I only go without when im not planning to do anything big.

Butt butt’r AKA chamois cream

It’s the difference between a raw chode and silky heaven

Just ask Spencer. I made him cream his jeans last CMW. He thanked me for it later.


Ew. I’m glad I missed that!

My lucky die that I made into a valve cap

i would never go unicycling without my unicycle :sunglasses: