What is the Best Municycle Tyre going???

I’m thinking of building a 24" Muni… I’ll be using a 24" Nimbus Muni frame with magura brake mounts and I need a decent tyre for it… I really like the look of the Duro Leapard Tyre but I’ve heard some bad things about it and it sounds like it also may not fit under the frame…

So what I’m wandering is what are the best Municycle tyres at the moment and will they fit under my Nimbus Frame??



you mean like one of these ?
you might as well buy that new http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles-1/muni-24-29/nimintermediatemuni24.html
but if you really just want a muni tyre ( not the full uni) http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycle-spares-1/tyres/duro-wildlife-leapard-24-x-3-tyre-1.html
the duro wildlife will see you good

not to be rude but i just presume you havent been riding long so this reflects that where you based maby we could meet up for a ride some time




I do like the nimbus intermediate but i would like to build my own…

Thanks I love the look of the tyre but apparently it won’t fit under my frame…

No offence taken… I haven’t been unicycling long but i live down in devon so i don’t figure we could ride together…

Thanks though…


cool cool if your up in the wales area again give us a shout what frame ae you gonna use cos the nimbus II muni frame will fit thts the set up i ride :stuck_out_tongue: god luck dude

What Nimbus frame do you mean? The Nimbus II muni frame has room for a 3" tyre - it’s the same frame that comes with the Nimbus munis, and the standard tyre on those is a Duro Leopard.

I’ve got a 26" Nimbus muni if you want to have a look at one (obviously the 24 is very similar). I’m in Princetown.


Thanks… I was looking on Unicycle.uk.com and I saw the nimbus munis and found out that they use the duro… Felt stupid… =P

Thanks for the offer but I think I know now…



Everyone has a different riding style and preferences, but for me, I like square profile tyres for MUni.

Roundish tyres like the Duro are sketchy and unpredictable around corners.

It’s not so noticeable on unicycles, but when I was racing mountainbikes- round tyres terrified me.

They fit fine, Duro is a nice tire, Arrow is a nice tire.

If you don’t already have a 24" wheel or frame, it’s worth considering a 26" because there are far more tire choices.

24" is going the way of the dinosaurs…

What square tyres would you suggest?

Depends what you’re using it for and what tyres are available in your wheelsize. I do like my Gazzaloddi on the 26" Muni, and on my 29’er I love the Motoraptor (if only it was bigger volume- it would be perfect). I currently have an exiwolf ont he 29’er which is a little round and not very grippy for the terrain I ride.

I don’t ride my 24" enough to care that it has a Duro on it- can’t be bothered sourcing anything better.

nooo !!! i refuse to believe that!
i cant do on a 26" what i can do on a 24" but i can do on a 29er what i can do on a 26" and faster!

24" has its place and for me is the king.


Oh dear… Looks like this has turned into a debate thread… =P



I wouldn’t worry too much about the exact tyre choice - everybody likes different ones and you won’t know what you like until you’ve tried it. The Duro is pretty good in most people’s opinion (I like it - in fact I actually prefer a rounder profile, unlike Ken - we’re all different). Lots of people like the squarer Gazz, but they’re pretty hard to get now AFAIK. Or you could try something a bit lighter like a 2.4 or 2.6" - the Conti Rubber Queen 2.4 is quite popular (at least on 26" wheels), and way lighter than a Duro without being too puny for rocks. Depends where and how you ride really, and on your own preference and style.

As for the 24/26 debate, I’d say there’s not much in it. A 26 is a little bit faster, a little bit heavier, has a bit more ground clearance (less pedal strikes in ruts and rocks) and of course more tyre choice. A 24 may be slightly better for extremely technical almost-trials riding. But it’s all very small differences in practice. I tend to ride more xc than super-technical, so I got a 26", but I’ve ridden 24s and there isn’t really a huge difference - crank length makes far more difference IMO. I ride a light 29er for racing and easy xc and the 26x3 for the rockier stuff, and I’ve never wished I had a 24.

Because you’re quite small, it may be that a lighter tyre (like a Rubber Queen) would be better for you rather than lugging around a Duro. A Rubber Queen 2.4 really isn’t THAT much smaller than a Duro.


Thanks… I’ve had a look online and i can’t seem to find any 24" Rubber Queens… Do they only do 26" tyres??? =)


Yes, probably only 26" I think. I don’t think anybody (or hardly anybody) rides 24" DH bikes any more, so there isn’t much call for making big 24" tyres.

Edit again: A 26"x2.4 would be lighter and hardly any bigger than a 24x3.

I posted [post=2038242]a side-by-side photo[/post] showing a Continental Trail King 2.4 (the U.S. name for the Rubber Queen) and a Felt Berm Master 24x3 (bigger casing but smaller knobs than a Duro; about the same overall size). The diameter difference with these tires is 2".

Fair enough - I’m surprised there’s that much difference. Still, I stand by my claim that it’s not that noticeable in most situations.

Is that Felt tyre lighter than a Duro? Rubber Queens are way lighter than a Duro, so I would have expected a 26 with Rubber Queen to be lighter than a 24 with (Duro) 3" tyre. Perhaps I was talking poo… :o

My 26" weights 5,95kg with the RubberQueen, MountainUni Diskbrake, QUAX-hub (!!!) and a Halo SAS rim (which is as heavy as the KH).
Plus some fancy stuff like a CF-seatbase :wink:

26" unis can be way lighter than the 24" cause you can use all the fancy bikestuff :slight_smile: (rims and tires)

Is the felt berm master a good tyre???

My fav XC/muni tire right now is the Ardent, been riding a 2.4 on my 29er all summer, great tire, bought the 2.6 for my 26 guni for the added beef of thicker sidewalls.

The difference between a 24" wheel and a 26" wheel is negligible, what I notice most is better tracking and less pedal strike on a 26". The only reason I can see someone getting a 24" is if they are very small in stature, i.e shorter than five feet tall. You can do trail trials/muni in any uni, a two inch increase in rim diameter is not significant.

Due to the excessive weight of 24 x 3 tires, you could get a 26" muni and run a lighter tire with a total reduction in wheel weight, even after accounting for having a larger rim, frame, and spokes.

The tire choices for 24" are abysmal, getting worse and worse as time goes by, only XL BMX and trials are still 24", otherwise there are far more popular sizes out there, 650c, 26", 700c, 29".

So, for 24" muni you can ride the Duro or Arrow, otherwise there ain’t much.

There’s a good reason KH, UDC, K1 and QuAx are all building 26" munis:
Tire and Rim availability.