what is everyones record for backward riding?

i was wondering how far people have backward? or how far they have hoped?

The world record for longest ride backwards was 68 miles. mine is only like a mile or so. Highest i ever hoped is like 18 in.

no no no i ment how far someone has hopped.like hopping a mile or so

ive never had the urge to "hop somewhere, so i dont know about that one. i can ride like 5 or 6 blocks backwards, but i usually run into something. like driving cars…:frowning:

i’ve hopped across a basketball court…

It’s around 68 miles backward. Mine is only around 100’. For hopping I set my record for farthest hopped a while back at about 1 residential block. It’s no longer a challenge to me to ride backwards or hop, so i only do them to show that I can or for utilitarian purposes. I haven’t ridden more than 10-15 yds backwards at once for a very long time. I haven’t hopped more than 5’ at once for over a year, simply because there’s no reason to do so.

i did a mile backward like 3 days ago

I can ride backwards for a long ways, but I haven’t tried to see how far. I could probably make at least a mile. Some other backwards records of mine;
One footed at least one hundred feet.
Seat in back about one hundred feet.
Spoke walk 40 some steps or a little over 10 meters.
Wheelwalk fifteen steps.
Handride (backwards handride is easier) 20 meters.

wait wait you can backwards handride further than u can wheel walk?? daaang


I’ve never tried to find how far I could hop, because that sounds kind of stupid. I know someone who was trying to break the world record for the most hops in a row, and he was at about 5,000 but then the phone rang so he had to go get it.

I always ride backwards to my friends house, who lives about 200 meters away from me. That’s the furthest I’ve ever gone, though.

That’s backwards wheel walk, backwards spoke walk, backwards seat in back and backwards one-footed. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I can wheel walk practically forever.
Also I meant backwards handride is easier than forward handride. It’s actually rather difficult to say whether handride is backwards or forwards, since it involves hanging upside down on the seat with your face a few inches above the wheel and the unicycle turned around.

longest distance i’ve been able to hop all at once, was probably about 12 inches, in one “setting” i’ve gone the width of a basketball court (about 20ft or so?)

i can’t ride forwards, so forget about me going backwards!

My backwards record is the record. The backwards race, that is. It’s probably online somewhere. Ten point something seconds for 30m.

I have hopped up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum (as seen in the movie Rocky). That’s enough hopping.

I have ridden backwards one foot a quarter of a mile (400m). I can’t remember why.

Tonight, I rode backwards from my nutrition class to the dorm. It’s only about 1/7 of a mile or so, but it included riding through some harsh pot holes, over a speed bump, and down a hill, so, I was proud.

I’ve hopped across a beach (well, the rocks along the beach), simply because riding it was impossible.

Now I have to only because its like 20 minutes from me.

Ever try hopping backwards? Me and JVTFM where seeing who could hop backwards the fastest. I was faster but fell then he went farther so he says he won but I really did. There will likely be a rematch.

so far i can only get about 8 feet backwards… i’m still working on it.

that’s the kind of reasoning i like to hear from unicyclists

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On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:04:27 -0500, “GILD” wrote:

>gerblefranklin wrote:
>> simply because there’s no reason to do so
>that’s the kind of reasoning i like to hear from unicyclists

Did you realise that gerblefranklin said that about something he did
NOT do?

(I ask because you seem to be the kind of person who thinks that
having no reason to do something is the perfect reason to do it.)

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one footed up hill

It’s not backwards or hopping, but me and Pebbles were seeing who could get the most pedals one footed going up the hill to my house. It is quite steep. He got 9 and I got 11.

Backwards one footed is my next target.

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i did
but it was such a kewl quote, i couldn’t let that lil’ fact stand in my way;)

that is the single kewlest thing anybody’s ever said to or about me!!
thank u!!