what is easyer? crank flips or unispins?


For me crankflips are, if not the hardest, then the most frustrating trick I’ve learned.

Unispins are easier. 360 unispins are easier. 540 unispins are easier.

ive learned both but i still cant 360 unispin but unispins are way easier

Unispins are definetly a lot easier

all i have to say is

watch a few videos… you will figure it out on your own, also the skill levels…

I would say crankflips are easier and less frustrating but I think you should learn unispins first. If you want a tutorial to watch I made one a while ago. Click here hope it helps, good luck.

I’ve never tried a crankflip, but it’s pretty obvious to me that unispins are easier on the shins. Got shinguards or leg armor? :slight_smile:

Beyond that, there’s no reason to learn tricks in their believed order of difficulty. Some people learn really hard stuff while ignoring relatively easy stuff. Practice the stuff you want to do.

I would say crankflips are alot easier on the shins, ankles however, if you get a crankflip wrong you can land badly on your foot and hurt your ankle pretty bad although thats only been when Iv been doing them up or down things.

I say First learn how to zeroplant, then learn to unispin, then crankflip :smiley:

Zeroplants are really easy to learn… Now im trying to learn to unispin
And zeroplants gave me a looot of confidence

I’d say crankflips are harder to learn but take less effort once you’ve learned them. Crankflips are also easier to do up and down obstacles.

cough my tutorial cough:p

…of street. Post 13
After level 5 of the IUF list.
Just a general guide.

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    I can ride SIF, SIB, & backwards a bit, but can’t freemount :frowning:

Unless you really dig new-school riding, I wouldn’t even recomend learning crankflips. They’ll reek havok with te uni later on…

explain how they would do anymore than other tricks?

You’re kicking down on the cranks really hard and after time it starts pulling the seatpost apart. I’ve broken quiet a few that way. Once you get th standard flip down cold, you won’t do much damage but then you’ll ant to learn doubles and tres.

seat posts are and easy fix though.

thanks for all the advice it has really helped.

i cant wait to get my torker dx .
i should have it soon.:smiley:


for sure

what is a zero plant?

what is a zero plant?

and any tutorials?


This is a pretty good tutorial on crankflips. It also covers zero plants.