What I’ve learned while unicycling

This thread is about all of those things that we’ve learned while unicycling. It may be a technique that you’ve been working on and have discovered some trick to make it easier. It could be something that you’ve discovered about other people or maybe even something learned about yourself. If possible, try to keep it to one or two sentences.

I’ve learned that the turn in my new unicycle disappeared as my riding technique improved.

I’ve learned that balance is generally more efficient than power.

I have better balance with my arms up.
I have more power holding the seat.

A balanced hop is often as effective and more efficient than a power hop in riding over obstacles up to 6" or so. So I try not to hold onto the seat unless I really need to.

Use pure balance whenever possible. Grab the seat for power and stability when I must.

I’ve learned that finesse and technique win out over brute force every time.

i learned that unicylcing is the best idea i hav ever had

I guess I learned that when learning to glide, rest one foot on the frame and make sure it doesn’t hit the wheel or you won’t be able to go more than ten feet. Hey, I taught myself no one tells me these things.

Gravity trumps desire.

Tuck in your shoelaces.

the bodies of unicyclists have an intimate knowledge of asphalt

Never try to learn to unicycle in Teva sandals.

I’ve also learned that it is physically impossible for me to ever ride a Coker.

resist the urge to punch the 17,000th person to say ‘where’s your other wheel.’

God gave us 10 fingers because 5 may not be enough to count the number of unicycles we should own.

it’s also the reason he gave us ten more toes.

Parking your Muni behind an SUV is a bad idea.

The only time you’ll ever get hurt is the only one short time when your not wearing that certain peice of safety equitment.

Wha I…?

That …it is…the daydream which keeps me intrested in life even more…:smiley:

The Viciousness of a UPD is inversely proportional to the amount of effort being put in.

I.E. UPDs are worse when you are riding on a flat bit of ground & hit a tiny little pepple but aren’t concentrating. UPDs are less vicious when you’re doing something totally insane but are prepared for the possibility of failure.


never go unicycling wearing your new-on-an-hour-ago brand new new flashy shirt. because you’ll stack it into a pile of S***. :angry:

Re: What I’ve learned while unicycling

  1. Be here now.

  2. clotting happens.


I’ve learned that…
I like the pain on my shins!

and many other things, but, first of all…
I love unicycling!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


If you’ve got a really big punkin head…be sure to pack your own XL helmet.