What handle is in this video? (cool video, btw)

Here is the handle I wanna try:

Any ideas on what it is or how to go about getting one?

Thanks in advance!

Think it is this:


Yep I think you are right. Thank you!!!

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I don’t think you could ever get them commercially, but maybe look at post your homemade handlebars here! to get some inspiration on how to go about making one. (Or @jaco_flans can probably make you one, of you pay him).

I tried similar handles, I’ve found them fine. I’m personally very set on having my index finger on the brake, which these unfortunately don’t work well for.


No worries!

I am sure it works well. I couldn’t personally get past the “look” of it -

I have one of Jakob’s handles and like it a lot. Bit like a KH TBar but super compact.

However I’ve recently become obsessed with Mad4One’s Handle Saddles.

They’re too great and have changed my riding. I’m awaiting my third to arrive :sweat_smile: They’re that good IMHO and look way less phallic!

So, months ago when I saw that thing - I was like I will never be caught dead with one, and I still feel the same way now to an extent.

I do want one of Jakobs handles, and have been in contact, but it might be a while.

The KH MUni handle is serving me fine, but I too, would like something more compact.

I want to try a Mad4One - you say go for it? Medium?

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Yep I would say go for it (replied to DM too).

Medium is the most universally useful size I feel.

Cost wise - if you add a KH saddle and KH TBar you get to basically the same price as this if not more.

So that’s something to have in mind. You’re buying a saddle and handle in one item - the only difference is you can’t change the angle or distance of the handle as you can with KH.

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Working on building the order now, thanks so much to you.

So, I recently bought a KH saddle, and while I know this is an unpopular opinion - I can’t get along with it. And I’ve tried for several rides.

The KH t-bar is nice, but its also a bit fiddly with lots of screws and setup. I’ll keep it on my one uni.

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Here is something like that


It already looks like you’re grabbing your balls when riding a unicycle. Not much of a stretch to look like you’re grabbing something else - I’m not sure anyone would notice!

Does this mean you’ve got a KH bar going spare? :wink:

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Now that gives me an idea of how to make one more reasonably. Hmm. Thanks for the link.

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Or a Kris Holm saddle? :wink:

This is what I should have quoted in my question about a Kris Holm saddle going spare. :grin:

I do have one but its not gonna be worth it to either of us after shipping and all that. I would need what I spent on it and its lightly used at this point.

I completely understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If possible, try one out first to make sure you like it. This might be hard though unless you have a lot of muni friends.

Ahh, you are welcome!