Cockbar® Handle

I have a small batch of this handles, tested and proved to be very effective in MUni, but also in distance riding.

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Adjustable lenght & twist for a perfect custom fit.
  • Bomb-proof design thanks to the all-aluminium construction and KH reinforcement plate.
  • In uphill you can transfer all your arm strenght due to the rigid design
  • Better lever brake position than every other handles, never miss you lever again while you hold firmly your Uni.
  • Bended design with integrated (interchangeable) bumber, protect brake lever and saddle.

The Cockbar is a direct fit for every KH and Nimbus Base Saddle from 2009 and later.

No modification necessary at all, mount in place of the standard plastic handle.

Asking for one kit is 45 euro, included a KH reinforcement plate, a complete handle with bumber, one plastic handle with no integrated handle and hardware, as in pictures. Shipping everywhere at cost.

Last picture with Uni and Brake only for reference.


That looks very sturdy, and should be good protection for the brake lever as well.

How did you arrive at the name for this product? :open_mouth:

Nice! I wonder if I’d miss my regular seat handle though.

Maybe this video clip gives a hint

Okay then. I will recommend a different name, for marketing purposes. However, if you want attention, stick with Cockbar®.

Is that really a registered trademark? That would make it even more noteworthy! :grinning:

I think it looks very practical i would like to try one. I’m not the P C police but the name while being anatomically correct is more than it insensitive, and lockerroom in nature. If you want this to be a mainstream product as it very well could be a name change is a must.

@Itamuni ,

I would like to buy one of your Cockbar setups. I PM’d you. Thank you!

Hi @Itamuni,

Thanks for posting. I was thinking that putting some dimensions (like the ursli bar on m4o site) would help greatly any potential buyer to estimate if it would be within the range they like.
The most useful would be the flat distance between the bumper and the bar-end (the tube total length would be secondary albeit interesting for those wanting to attach more than the brake.

Thank you for offering yet another alternative bar, especially when supply is complicated !

Hi and thanks everyone for your reply!

Just to be clear, I ride this handles on any of my unis (any size, more than 15 unis), because I find them to be incredibly effective compared to the standard plastic handle AND compared to any other handle I have tried (and I have tried many).


I’m not in the business of making any batch of them, I just have a few extra (2, maybe 3), just like the one in the picture. Once they’re out, they’re out.


Grab one, while you can.

Available to ship to usa? If so what is the shipping cost? That is if you know it or can calculate it, I’m very interested. I know international shipping can be costly and complicated.

I think you need to enlarge the dimensions about 50% as who would want to think they had an inadequate cockbar handle?

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Available, but probably pricey. Will send an estimate ASAP.

I would rename it into „Cocktail Bar“ :rofl:

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That would be much better marketing. See, not so direct, so everyone can buy it, even moms and dads! :slight_smile:

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How much for 2 sets shipped to NYC? 11427 zip code

Considering that everyone over the age of 12 will be thinking the same thing when they see it, I think you may as well embrace the name, (as you have).

I suggest to set it upward for a more younger and prouder appeal than the current elder downfacing setup.


And…one valiant fellow will get his cockbar soon.

Still one left.

Sold! I’ve wanted one of these for years. Ill dm about shipping.