What great unicycle finds have you scored on Craigslist/dusty barns/etc?

We already have a topic for “unicycles for sale on Craigslist” that focuses on current listings, but in this topic let’s tell stories of things we’ve actually bought.

This morning, I woke up and did my morning ritual of chugging coffee and typing “unicycle” on Craigslist. Usually I find old rusted Schwinns listed for $400, etc, but this morning I found a Torker LX 24" listed for $40 with a stand. I talked him down to $35 and now it’s mine.

When I arrived, I realized the house looked very familiar. Suddenly, it hit me - I’ve bought unicycles from this guy before. I bought a Sun 20" from the very same house a year ago which I ended up giving to a friend in a misguided attempt to have a riding partner.

So when I saw the LX, I realized something else: it was a nearly identical model to one I bought for my girlfriend a year ago as well. I had ordered a red LX 24" from UDC for around $200 shipped, and now I managed to pick up almost the exact same thing for $35.

It’s not nearly as cool as the Profile/Yuni I found for $20, but I think it’s a decent find and it rides totally well.

The one with the silver rim is my new find, and the one with the black rim is my girlfriend’s. Identical frames, just $165 below what I paid for hers.

And now we’re matchies, which is just so romantic and cool. :sunglasses:

So what about your own experiences with dusty barn finds and great (or not so great) Craigslist listings?

Back in August, I was doing my normal “unicycle” Craigslist search and found a giraffe unicycle on sale for $20! I had been wanting to try one out, but didn’t want to drop much money on one since I wasn’t sure I’d actually have time to learn how to ride and free mount it. Needless to say, I responded immediately for the $20 steal! I picked it up a few hours later and then came home to a surprise birthday party my wife set up for me. A new-to-me unicycle and surprise birthday party, could turning 30 get any better?!?

I got a giraffe for $50 once that needed nothing but air and a chain. It cost me almost $10 for a chain but that’s not too bad.

I got some good stuff from people here on that forum. Picked up a hardly used Basket Ball 24" Qu’Ax uni for about a €100 - where new they’re more like €250.

And on the french forum there was a guy who had stopped uni some years back and decided to clear his apartment. I got a brand new pair of 100mm cranks for €5 and a KH saddle for that same price. A couple of years ago, I picked an Impact trials in very mint condition, like new tire and non-stock expensive pedals and spare shin guards for €180.

But I never got any of those legendary €20 deals we all heard about.

The best deal we’ve heard about here in Paris is a beginner who picked up a KH29" with a Schlumpf hub, Magura brake, etc for €700. Two years later he still hasn’t even tried the second speed… Unfortunately he won’t sell.

I bought my first uni from a garage sale for ten dollars. Still yet to buy a new unicycle. The other five came from eBay, Gumtree or through this site.

$100 or less:
$60 for the Qu-ax Luxus 20. The seller lived over 100 miles away but it so happened we would be passing within a mile of each other two days later.

$85 for the Torker LX 24 in perfect condition and $100 for the KH Onza seemed pretty reasonable.

Bought some parts at very good price too. Exactly what I needed when I needed them. A 400 x 27.2 Nimbus aluminium seat post, Nimbus gel seat, a pair of Odyssey pedals, a 24 inch tube and some decorative valve caps all brand new for $45.

A girl up the street gave me her rusty old beyond-repair 20 inch uni from which I salvaged a seat and tyre upgrade for my learner.

I’ve bought a bunch of interesting and “collectible” unicycles on eBay. Not to mention unicycle collectibles, stickers, and art! I should really give Craigslist a try.

{20 minutes later}

Yuck. A bunch of hoverboards, electric BC wheels, and a handful of old Torkers and lower-end models. But there was someone selling a Loyd uni, in much better shape than my eBay one, and someone else selling a Schwinn Giraffe in original condition!

£16 ($25) Ebay

The hand painted, black & white Chinese PowerCircle 20" Uni was a cheap way for me to practice, before fully committing to the Orange Club 24"

The initial spend was £16 / $25
20-inch - Upgraded with 24" club saddle, UDC seat post, pedals, tool kit, shorter cranks, spare tyre = £70 in total
24-inch Club (£79), alloy seat post, metal pedals, KH saddle, Schwalbe crazy Bob = around £100 plus postage
Fattie 26" new build - work in progress, expected to be around £330.

So in this game, £16 can be converted into £500 very very quickly.
The MIDAS touch in reverse.

I call that “passion.” My significant other calls it “mental illness.” Tomato tomato.

That expression doesn’t translate well to online.

I remember a few months back, UDC was having a major sale on a pair of 75mm square tapered cranks, down to like $10. I thought, “huh, I will never use these… but it’s only ten bucks…” so they sat in my closet for a long time.


Now I put them on my new red Torker 24" and it’s ridiculously impractical and fast.


If I could find a Torker 24" for $35 in nearly new condition, I would be happy.

Found a schwinn giraffe on Craigslist last October for $50. Haven’t seen anything like that since and I check almost everyday