what does it take to get sponsered by kris Holms unicycles

Its Just a question? It would be awesome if Kris answer it himself. I know i not that good here some clips of my ridinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTGbQ7fGsKU wait… I can get better really. I love unicycling.


probably excel in your style of riding and be an ambassador for the sport. and your style has to be a style that KH has a uni for. don’t go to kris, let kris come to you.

edit: corollary to the above: unless of course you’re luke collalto, then you go to kris.

Sorry dont mean to bother anyone for the dumb question

just want to ride become good at something i love.


You need to be the best, and lead the sport in a new direction. Most of the KH sponsored riders are either at the top of thier respective disciplines, or invented them (Dan H, Shaun J, Kevin M, Ryan A, Amanda G, to name just a few). You need to win, and have the drive to succeed, and above everything else you have to be a role model and ambassador that will reflect well on Kris and his products. You have to attend all the big conventions and win competitions so that the KH brand is associated with success and quality.

Its not hard, you just have to be one of the 10 best riders in the world. Unfortunately there’s a 1 in 600 million chance that thats gonna be you. However, if you work at it, that chance drops a lot, I seem to remember a kid called Shaun J on these fora years ago talking about all the new ways he’d revolutionise the sport and people just shrugged him off as a cocky wannabe. Now look what he’s doing, and how famous he is (to us anyway).

Its not gonna happen on its own tho. And it certainly won’t happen overnight.

Just pay me $10 and consider yourself sponsored.

Ahaha, glad to have you back Harper.

would this ten dollars get me a working harper geared hub?

Why? Do you have a broken one?

YA its Harper!
…who’s harper?

just seeing if i’d get my ten dollars worth.:stuck_out_tongue:

why care about sponsors?

I used to race motocross. I sucked, never got sponsored (obviously), yet I can see in motocross (where attending one race costs serious cash),why one might wish to be sponsored.
But unicycling ? :thinking: A new KH costs less then a set of tires and a tuneup for one of my four motorcycles. What is there to buy in uni ? Do you think Kriss is a rich celebrity ? :thinking:
I think one of the great things about uni is that you can afford the best gear and go toe to toe with the greatest on a high school dish washers budget.
I have no inside info, but IMHO, being sponsored is a token honor in uni. If you aren’t riding for the love and joy of it, get a real job ! I doubt very much you will get anywhere in uni if you are unwilling to buy a good uni with your own money. And once you have one, how would it help you if Kriss gave you another ?

You are too young to know of Harper, he is only one of the greatest individuals to grace these forums.

Everybody should know that! bows to harper hpttie pictire;)

On the matter of competitions… i can’t quite remember Shaun doing any.

But in other ways start thinking about doing tricks, and lots of them… ive been riding for about 2 months and already ive got my goals set, new ideas for tricks in mind etc…

However if you think about a new trick don’t post it on the forums unless your showing everyone that you can do it (otherwise someone will land it before you, most likely Shaun J, and say that they landed it first so its basically credit to them)

So in short, invent new tricks, land the tricks and you’ll be popular

you’ve gotta make people like you.

Sponsership by Kris doesn’t just mean you get a new uni, it also means that you are on the world team, it doesn’t get higher than that, it means you aren’t stared down on my all the serious pro’s.

Stared down on?

Sorry, but that is so immature and lame.:stuck_out_tongue: If you love your sport, you are a person that can hold their own. Are you looking for a momma to praise you ?
Ride because you want to. After that you will park it. Like all the rest.
Other then street performing comics that juggle, I have not heard of anyone making a living off uni. Sem and Kriss are uni makers, real jobs to be sure.
Name one uni star. There are none. :sunglasses:


Says the guy who has 3 sponsors :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
But it’s true, don’t try and find sponsors.
Just ride for the fun of it.
But if you ride good, make a movie once in a while and performe good at competitions then a sponsor will come up to you.

Peter M

How many “serious pro’s” have you met that have been that condescending? All the sponsored/pro/famous/whatever riders I’ve met have been great to hang around with and really cool people. Every one of them has been really accepting and willing to help out people who aren’t as good as they are. I’ve never seen a ‘pro’ rider look down on any other unicyclist.

(except that ‘You Nasty Man’ guy at Unicon, that was really amusing :p)

One thing Kris said on the news is never give up

Yesterday night a on global B.C new. I know he was talking about getting up when you fall off a unicycle just keep trying. And im not the kind that give up in certain things. and i know any thing i say a here is going to get pick a part. I hope kris doest get too mad at thing sayed about him. One thing i know is by watching last night that he is a humble person with a great attitube his last words were never "Never give up."and for the dumb question i ask i was just woundering. thanks for make it clear not to ask. And the thing i type is usally doent come out right. Im going Unicycling.