what does it take to get sponsered by kris Holms unicycles

im better than you and im not asking kris to sponsor me…because il know itll never happen. find a clothing company or skate shop and ask them. they dont know much about the sport to know that there are craploads of people better than you. thats how im gonna get sponsored.

if you have to ask how, you probably aren’t good enough. at least that’s the rule in biking. and what level of sponsorship? just a small % off, or full blown free stuff? and the huge gap in between…

Ok I went through your movie and kinda put what you would need to do to get sponsored now. By the time you knew this stuff though the standard would probably be higher.

(No hops for all of this, except where mentioned)
1 - 180 unispin up each platform
2 - 1spin drop down each platform one hop at each platform at most.
3 - 1spin up the platform to doubleflip down to flat, however you all ready 1spin up the platforms so this clip probably wouldn’t work.
4 - sexchange dubflip off platform
5 - dubflip up manny, idle forward to backwards, then fakie 3spin drop down.
6 - 3lateflip off the platform
7 - jump to post, 3spin drop
8 - trey gap the picnic gap and 3 off
9 - 5spin drop off table
10 - don’t stall
11 - 3 spin drop off the dumpster
12 - flip to curb, trey off (bias clip)
13 - 1spin up the entire picnic table
14 - same as 13
15 - 540twist of the picnic table
16 - don’t stall

-Shaun Johanneson

Yeah, but it wasn’t a street vid.

so yeah do everything with great flow and crazy tricks is what it boils down to…

Hey, no worries. (haha i’ve actually never said that before, isn’t it an aussie phrase?

It doesn’t hurt to ask, and yes Kris is a really nice guy, I’ve met him once or twice.

As for what you need to do to get better, trials wise I would say for now work on hopping higher, and gapping farther. You look like you have great trials control, but your hop hight/length does’t look like it’s up to par with your Sif control for instance. Don’t give up, but also, don’t rush yourself, and have fun. :slight_smile:

What does it take to get sponsored by Kris Holm unicycles?